Sunday, September 27, 2009

sunday slurrs --

happy sunday peoples--

i don't think i have much to say right now; just a little updating i reckon.

first of all : Soulkid had a blast with her little mini-post the other day. it was a great ego boost for her, and i also was able to tell her little stories about the folks who left her comments. Mary, and Gypsy - it was good for her to know little things about you as 'real people'. as for Smocha-- you literally rendered her 'speechless'. that's why she didn't answer you (here). maybe i can talk her into emailing you .
anyhow--- as for the later comments - Angie- Brenda - EE-- she said-- and i quote---
"i'm NOT answering ANYmore comments. i'm not gonna be some weird miniblogger!"

THAT cracked me up!!! the my space queen -- doesn't want to be a 'mini - blogger' ?
hahahahaha whatever. she loves every minute of it !! and we all know it. but we'll just let her be cool. k. nuthin personal peeps. she's a brat. i mean , a kid. haha

anyways, as for the movie the other night. 'Jennifers Body.' omg. what a crazy movie. so obviously aimed at teens-- yet rated R -- what sense does that make? when i was a kid they weren't so strict about movies etc-- now they actually card these kids-- but -- not sure if they know it-- the kids pay for a pg movie for the same time-- and 'sneak' into the R on they wanna see. hmmm. it's not rocket science. (hi ang!)

so anyways.... that movie is soooo bad. not bad in the sense of don't waste your money bad. if you like that kinda thing-- wait for the DVD.. it is worth watching-- in it's own warped way. does that make sense? i have no idea how to 'rate' this movie.
it is supposed to be a thriller. yet it is comedic in places-- but it's supposed be. people in the theater-- laughed at stuff-- yet actually jumped or screamed at parts too. me included. it's really a stupid movie-- and i wouldn't have chosen to see it -- if soulkid din't choose it for us. btw-- she had already seen it the weekend prior-- in the manner mentioned above. ugh-- BUT we knew she would do that-- she's done it before, but this time-- soulman drove her and her friends-- and legitly attempted to buy their tickets-- the theater wouldn't let them be 'unattended'. so--- he bought them tickets to something else. as soon as he told me the story-- i said-- "you KNOW they'll sneak into the other one." of course she came home telling us all about 'jennifers Body!'
whaddaya do right?

so anyhow--- we had fun. just me and my kid. we only had one 'scrap' in the car on the way-- and i was afraid the entire night would be in the toilet for it-- but it wasn't. we adjusted our attitudes, and all went well.
me-- of course 'the walking wallet' ... where does she come up with this stuff? -- bought her some clothes-- she actually needed some for school, and the changing weather. so i didn't mind. i even got myself a pair of jeans. that i almost never do. i still wear clothes i've worn for ten years. anyhow-- we shopped, we ate, then we went to the movies. and we did good. no more arguing. lots of laughing. jokin around. and guess what? not much pain for me. i usually avoid going to the mall at all.... i hate it... it hurts me, then i get them mad cuz i walk too slow or i get grouchy cuz i hurt etc--- my legs held up better than they have in two years!!!! :)) that made both of us happy. i did get a little tired at our last store-- so i sat down for a few-- but she didn't mind-- didn't stop her from her shopping frenzy :)) ugh.
i'm soo glad at least I am low maintenance. if not for my cheapness-- we'd all be nekkid-- well, cept the princess :))

ok--- so anyhow-- mooovin on to the next topic--- i know your excited to hear my boring life's details .. but hey-- for the life I live? ya gotta admit, a LOT happens around here. huh? :))

so anyhow-- i guess it was friday--? -- maybe. i got up my nerve and i called the moving company involved in my 'robbery'. i was all kindsa fired up and ready to 'Gran Gran' the guy. well... can we say back peddle? how bout embarrassed?
cuz that's what i was, and what i did. i get the guy on the phone. actually i had to leave a message-- then he called me back. and like i said a couple days ago-- he really has cooperated all the way thru this entire mess. so he's on the line-- i'm all fired up and ready to go off and 'be tough'... ugh... he was the nicest guy in the world.
i shriveled . what could i do. we ended up having a civil conversation--- oh... AFTER i threatened to SUE him. :(( --- we talked for prolly half an hour. cop-bashing. sharing stories of how each of us have been robbed and the cops don't do a thing about it. etc.
turns out on 9-11 of all days in the calender year to have a BIG truck stolen... he had one stolen.. and two others attempted to be stolen.... when he reported it the cops treated it like it was no big deal. ummm, skuze me... the DFW area had JUST had a terror threat!!!
did the police find his truck? or even look for it? ummm NO. he sent his crew out to look for it and THEY found it. vandalized, broken steering column, broken glass etc etc. the cops didn't want to even take prints or try to find out who did it-- 'well you got your truck back.'
i actually felt bad for the guy.

so anyhow--- i guess when he sent signatures last week... they were only of the one guy--- he is sending signatures from the other suspect now -- and maybe (no more "hopefully" outta me on this one) just maybe -- those will match??? we shall see.

so-- i spose since the case is still open i better hurry over and remove my assholes -- i mean suspects name from my other post. just for good measure.

not much else goin on here.

oh except preparing for tomorrow. lots happenin tomorrow-

my mommason is coming with two of her sisters. it has been a long time since we've seen them. so we are all excited. And have a lot of work around the house to do.

also--- tomorrow - sushi goes back to the vet to have her spay stitches removed. i think she will be very happy about that-- they seem to be really bothering her.

aaaaaaand ... guess what else? spot! she goes to the vet toooooo------ for her long awaited de-claw. BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

ooooh i wish i had the nerve to do them both on the same day! ok, it's money. but if i had the money to both cat's at once--- they'd both be goin in.....

i shall post photos of the devil child when she comes home... she has to stay overnight for observation. i really am worried, and i do feel bad. neither cat has ever even been to the vet-- she's gonna be a scared little baby. but just think--- it's her own damn fault :))
besides-- she'll get her shots too-- and she really does need those. so it's for the good of all cat- kind in the household :))

ok i spose i will get me some mo coffay, and hit a few blogs before i have to get to cleanin my sty :))

happy sunday in your worlds peeps-

it's HOT here-- how bout 'there'?