Sunday, May 24, 2009

and the fatness rolls...

i have good news-- and i have bad news---
the good news?
i got a fishy-- i got a fishy--- la la la la la...

so anyhow--- yep i couldn't resist. all the talk about goin fishin, i just had to. so i did. i fished the creek first, and lost at least three or four. i think they were perch. they were just to sneaky. so i moved on down the road to the pond. it took a while, but i got me one.

not huge- but not bad either-
the fish, i mean.

ME, on the other hand -
am huge-- and bad.

(do i look fat when i fish?)

i sure wish i could figure out why, and do somethin about it.

i didn't feel to bad when i got home. not like lately.. bein all tired and ruined after goin somewhere-- especially fishin or shoppin or somewhere like that. so i told soulman i'd go see a movie with him while the girls shopped at the mall. but needless to say , in the hour or so it took them to finish gettin ready to go-- the more tired i got. so i back peddled my way out of that little deal. i just didn't want to spend ten bucks to sit in a theater and nap. which is what i knew would happen.
and that's about what i did too. as soon as they left i ate some lunch, and went to bed--- for hours. they left around noon--- i woke up at SIX !!! WTH is wrong with me lately. i wish i knew. seems like i wish i knew a lot lately huh? but, i know not a damn thing. not about me, or anyone else.

so tell me--- whatchya up to?
i'm just workin, and sleepin, and doin a little bit of fishin, a very little bit of catchin, havin some trouble sleepin at night-- prolly cuz i'm sleepin in the day... havin weird dreams--- the weird part of that-- is i remember them. i usually don't.
there's just weird stuff goin on. i reckon it'll change eventually-- all things do -- right?

welp peoples--- i think i shall attempt to go to bed. i think i was waking up pretty close to now this morning. how frustrating. i thought folks got more routine-ized in their old age. why am i so -- unbalanced all the time?? i wave hello00 at normal when i swing by --- and good- byeeee to normal as i pass on the pendulum, then rest at ok... rest at pretty shitty... swing by normal again... hellllooooo normal.
i could continue but i won't. i'll preserve any sanity of yours i haven't destroyed yet :))

gnight folks