Saturday, October 11, 2008

talk to the hand (saturday 2)



soulman went to the doc today -
his hand is definitely broken.
they splinted and wrapped it.
then referred him to ortho---
they said ortho may re-break, and then do surgery and pin it--
can we say OWWWWCH !?


well, not just men, i guess i have done it myself a time or two.
just the way things are goin right now i reckon.
i reckon it could be worse.
coulda been that punk ass boys face right?
too bad it wasn't.
but at least the wall didn't put him in jail.
it was actually the fridge. (sigh) who knew?
not me. not til he got back from the dr and i asked
what the wall looks like.
perhaps i should go look at the fridge eh?


pretty slow day around here today--
whatchoo been up to???

where have all the fishies gone?

a lot of you have seen this, but many haven't. so here it is.
(again). i haven't watched it in a long time myself. but it just goes to show-- that we have overcome some pretty bad times in our life and years together (hittin 17+ now) -- and i have to believe that we will get beyond this too. we have to, right?

happy saturday folks--
i'm gonna finish up my office today and get a pic up-- sometime. doesn't need much more than the floor and dusting now. i ran outta gas yesterday before i got all the way done.

i shall try to get some cruisin done after a while-- i have realized-- i haven't paid bills in a while. oopsy!

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