Monday, May 10, 2010

happy monday ! needles in the spine anyone?

howdy folks --- how ya be?
here? oh, just tryin to mentally prepare myself for yet another trip to the dr. yeh. the one that sticks long thin needles into my spine. i can't believe i trust this guy-- or any person, actually, to do such things to me. but i do. always hoping for better results than the time before, and rarely seeing that. the first time i had this procedure done, i saw no less than a miracle. four months of a new body. nearly pain free legs, back and neck. i actually lived a somewhat normal life for quite some time. until i got scared and began to slow everything down, in fear of hurting myself. then of course in my fear and laziness and babying of myself the pain did return... and pretty quickly too. seems like once that happened? shots, and even a 'rhizotomy' have only made things worse. (just google it.) if i say - they cut and cauterized my nerves in my back? it sounds awful-- but of course it was. i could barely move for months. i was supposed to have the other side done two weeks later-- think that happened? oh hell no-- and it never will. it was worse than consistent child birth for four months straight.
anyhow -- yep- that's my plan for the day today -- have a look at this video here on this link -- fun stuff i say :O
wish me luck though -- when it works, it's wonderful. when it doesn't ? it's a very expensive disappointment.

Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain and Leg Pain Video

anyhow-- my mothers day was fabulous. painful for the most part -- but i was treated like a queen all day. i got cards, flowers, a wonderful brunch, soulkid watched a movie in bed with me while i recovered from the drive and the way too much food, then soulman joined me when she got bored. then we got up and watched some tv when our old bones couldn't lay down any longer. and i can't tell you about the rest of the evening -- but it was not disappointing. :> bwa hahahaha

i hope all you moms -- and dads -- and everyone else out there had just as good days as i did.
tell me about it k?
i must go get ready to be the voo-doo doll of the day-- then of course i have to spend some time sleepin off the sleepy meds. after that- i'll be floatin around somewhere.
see you peeps later--

happy days in your worlds my peoples-