Thursday, July 10, 2008

ha-elp meeee i'm blogless

above is johnny cash's last video he made before he died.
originally it is a Nine Inch Nails song-
but i'm old, and i don't like them- or their version.
but i like the lyrics, the song, and of course- johnny is my man.

so-- anyhow--

i just can't think of a damn thing to write about-
not for lack of tryin tho-
it's after 12 now-- and i have been tryin to come up with a post since yesterday a.m.-
can we say UGH ?

but --- i know y'all keep comin
so, i better get somethin up heah--

only thing is---


and my body feels like THIS:
from head to ankles :((
just sayin.

and as for gettin caught up on anything around here?
well, not much...

yesterday i DID manage to finally FINISH :

but as for anything else?

cuz not only was i a slug---
i was a very -- well-- dying slug - maybe--
like THIS- ?

i laid in bed for hours. upon hours.
like from 5 or 5:30 p.m. til i went to sleep-- then of course til 6 or 6:30 when i got up.
i haven't laid in bed that long in AGES. UGH. and i am payin for it now. OWWW.
i was in alot of pain. more than usual. and out of pain meds.
which really sucked ass.
and as most of you know, i can't take asperin or any OTC meds like that.
so i was kinda ruined.
soulman did lay in bed with me and watched a movie--
(but unlike me-- laying down too long hurts him--
while sitting up too long hurts me. soo umm ya-- anyhow)
it was
which was pretty good btw---

i know a bunch of you have asked a LOT of questions--
about a LOT of different things.
but my mind just cannot retain a damn thing these days.
just aske jamie/simonsays-
we will be talkin oonline- and in the same conversation-
i'll forget what she said two minutes before.
same goes for ANY conversation- anyWHERE.
i am beyond senile folks--
so i reckon i'll try to backtrack over the next day or so and get to your questions.
or maybe you could throw them at me again?
oh man.
talk about losin your mind-
sure wish i could find it.

i DO remember that some asked about our vacation:
we do plan to still go to pensacola -- AC!!!
no pressure (lol) -but you better email me your phone number eh?
lemmee know a couple decent cheap hotels on the beach too eh?
all the ones online of course are high dollar-- i know there has to be some not online.

i also went fishin yesterday--
but didn't catch ANY freakin fish!
i almost had a heat stroke too-
i stayed too long- as usual.
about an hour and a half-
obviously no pix-- of no fish.

or better yet-- take one next time i fish-
maybe "tomorrow" :))

AND perhaps , maybe if i pour coffee on this damn BLANK page of
writers block-
worth a damn to actually write will come to mind???

until THEN_
i stumbled across THIS_

(i don't know if the blogger i stole it it from added the last part- or if is part of the quote)

but, with that--
i'm off--
like Batman -- without a batmobile !!
cuz, well, of course---
i'm outta gas.