Sunday, May 30, 2010

look at the babwees :))

( after the video, have a read below - i posted this morning for the first time in a while.)

enjoy the baby kittehs :)) only 3 of the 4 babies showed up. and mama and big boy were shy.


wow - i woke from a bad dream, and stepped into a Nightmare

eegads people WTH?

oh, sorry . hi folks !!! long time no see. i sure have missed ya. i knew i would. i always do when i take time off from here. this may well be the longest i've stayed away though. so yeh, i've had y'all on my mind a lot. and i hope everything is right in your worlds. i know. from the little bit i have seen on facebook, and the few blogs i've been around, it doesn't look so good in some places. just know my thoughts are with ya- and my prayers are too. ok? alone, that may not mean much -- but along with all the others who are on your side? prayer works -- i think if nothing else- we've learned that much in life. right?

so anyhow. if you're wonderin how that ties into my title- it doesn't. but i'll tell ya what does. i was sleepin like a corpse this mornin. hell, it was even like 930 !! i was havin a really bad dream too. had somethin to do with soulkid gettin back into the drug stuff. - which prolly had somethin to do with meeting new friends since goin back to school, ya know? - she had a new friend spend the night last night-- and trusting new kids is just tough. ya know?) anyhow, i'm havin this dream, and it's windin down to right where i'm puttin it all together, and about to confront her-- ok- kick her ass... when suddenly, i hear soulman, very angry, cussing and yelling at her in the living room. but it isn't in my dream.. now i'm awake- kinda. well- shit- i wanted to see what happened in my dream! but now- i have to get up and see WTH is happenin in my house. ugh. i go out there still half asleep. the two of them are arguing over the upstairs a/c thermostat ! of all the things in the world to be fighting over-- and to this extent-- it's THAT? and with a new friend possibly sleeping upstairs? OMG. ridiculous. i stumble in the office- put all my crap down (phone, cigs, pill box, lighter), go in the kitchen make a cuppa coffee, listen to wth they're doin-- trying to figure it out in my half stupor. they're both throwin the friggin F'Bomb at each other !!! over a thermostat? my head began to throb. my back and everything else was already in knots. i hadn't said a word since i walked out of my bedroom. i stumble back into my office and sit on my couch, light a cig, take a pain pill-- yeh i know-- breakfast of champions - and we all know- i am one - ya gotta be to live here :)) finally, i can attempt to piece all this bs together and try to make sense of it. ooooh. ok. i get it. apparently, soulkid had changed the upstairs t-stat to 68 degrees . mind you-- this is not the first time-- nor is it the first time she has been told-- or in trouble for doin it-- we've been thru this fifteen times with her. so it was kind of a camel and straw thing. (also tryin to save for summer trips and cut costs etc) - so soulman just got - well angry. you wouldn't like him when he's angry. - really. not many people do. :)) so - there she is crying and yelling-- and him - well, just yelling. as soon as i get the the gyst of it all-- it begins to make sense--- a solution. we can argue and she can suffer in the hotness up there--- or we can find a SOULution (you like that huh? i just made that up-- actually it was a typo - but i made it a word :)) so anyhow-- i was trying to not get upset- or have a panic attack etc- for all the arguing etc-- so yeh, i'm trying to think how to quell the situation -- better yet-- shut them up ! i finally pipe up and say -- listen. why don't you just finally shut down the guest room-- like i been sayin-- and shut that vent -- and that will push the air elsewhere?" hmmm.. the livin room goes silent. ahhhh
that gets soulmans wheels turnin-- he then says -- we could also shut your bathroom vent partway-- you don't want it cold in there. guess what?
problem solved . thanks MOM!!!!

what a way to start the day.
so. just thought i'd share that with you.
i really just wanted to pop in and say hello to all you people. and let ya know i'm still kickin. and doin somewhat better than the last time ya heard from me.

as for the pain i was bitchin about -- i will be gettin shots in my neck sometime after i get back from my sises in arkansas. so yeh-- i did mention that part right? i'm headin there on the fourth -- first to the cemetary to visit my boys/family's graves. this is the first time in a very long time that i won't be goin alone and unannounced. she and her bff will meet me and we will go together. then the next day we will go to the crystal mine. then to her house. vicki wants me to teach them how to fish-- that will be so funny, i shall take pix. i hope with all my heart they both catch a big bass ! i don't even care if i catch one.
so yeh- we're just chillin for a couple days , then i gotta get my butt home to the fam.

when i get back i will schedule the cervical steroid shots in my neck. within a week or so those will be done-- so please pray for relief on the dang neck pain.

dr also mentioned the second 'rhizotomy'. remember that? OMG it was torture. for months. but i think after the months of burning , torturous, pain... it actually did do some good-- for many months actually. and thats why my neck is doin so bad now. cuz it wore off. so she has me pretty convinced to gived it a go- and do the other side. BUT NOT til after summer. i have too much planned this summer to put myself down for three or four months. and besides that-- soulkid gets her drivers license in july-- so if i do end up with the same reaction as last time--- she will be able to drive herself to school. so it's a we shall see type of thing.

anyhow-- that's it for now-- and even that was prolly too much for ya.
i miss ya - i think of you all the time-- and i hope you all have happy days - and summers ahead !
i'll be sein ya