Tuesday, December 2, 2008

could i be MORE bored?

i feel a post 'a comin , it's rollin round the bend
i ain't read a post from soul since
well, i don't know when
she's got y'all on her mind tho
she's got y'all in her heart
there aint a day that passes by that
she doesn't want to write
she reads the comments in her box
she reads her emails too
this gal out here in texas said
by gummit i'm gettin the blues
she needs to clear her mind some
she aint makin too much sense
she's had too much stuff goin on
it's made her a little bit dense
she said to tell her friends out there,
her buddies that read, and write
that soul has somethin goin on
but she's not postin tonight :))

maybe tomorrow-
i love you guys--
shane--hahaha :))
g'nite peeps