Monday, May 25, 2009

would i lie to y'all?

i told ya-- i get fatter by the damn day--
i think it has somethin to do with the blood clot-- or the coumadin.
the first pic is before the clot. also before my hair got out of hand -- ugh-

that is what i want to look like again.

this one--- i'm not too sure about , but i think it may be
last summer-
along with the "everyone bein home weight gain"
but i still fit in my clothes!

i weigh what i did before i got sick a few years ago when we moved to NM.
and it came on fast.
and i hate my hair.
i'm just miserable with my appearance and my lack of energy.

but-- there's good days, along with the bad.
sometimes i even feel like i lost a few pounds--
until the next day-- when i feel like i put on ten more pounds in my sleep !

so, there ya have it charlotte.
tell me i don't need a moo moo

i'm startin my diet tomorrow--
hahahahahaha, i know-- it's as funny to me as it is to you-
but it must be done. i just had to wait til after i had my baby back ribs--
and PB M&M's :))

hope y'all had good weekends, and start your weeks off on a good note!