Friday, April 10, 2009

smocha--this one's for you

gecko sis--- this is for you :))

Laughing Baby Gecko - The funniest videos are a click away

so much for my plan of the day :((

leave it to me to have the luck of the schleprock. i woke up about 4 a.m. and it was about 70 degrees---- can you believe that? me neither. so i'm thinkin... YARD SALE!!!
i spend some time on craigslist lookin up yard sales etc....drink my coffee... do my morning crap-- and now-- it's 839-- and guess what? it's 49 degrees !!! and WINDY!!! ERG.
wth? i was also gonna load up a fishin rod or two and see if the fish have recovered yet--- but nooooo--- too windy. and cold. (for me).

the child has no school, hubby is at work-- i coulda had this day all to myself. go figure.

sooooo, now what will i do? no idea. i'm itchin to get outta this house tho-- so i'm thinkin maybe i'll go to kohls, and see what's on clearance--- and maybe hit a thrift store for doggy toys-- they have eaten every one they have.

by then, the child may be awake-- and perhaps i shall come get her and go to the dollar theater. or something. she needs a prom dress-- she has seen several cute ones--

did i mention she's back in regular school-- well a charter school. so far she likes being back-- but she's only gone for three days-- so that is always subject to change. :((

if it wasn't so windy i might consider cleaning my garage out-- there's someone loomkin for ,moving boxes--and that's what is fillin half my garage--empty boxes. good lord it's a fire hazzard out there.

did i ever tell you guys--- the hamster-- i don't even remember it's name-- but the one that ATE his friend-- "mclovin".. was living in his cage in the garage for a while-- cuz he stunk!-- and i went out there one day--- to find his cage spilled out on the ground-- he hasn't been seen since- i bet he made a stray cat pretty happy.

anyhow-- i guess i'll get UP and find something to do. i have been up a long time and am bored out of my skull.

happy friday

ps--- i just can't believe no one has had anything to say about the sheep video-- i think it's hilarious!

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