Friday, January 28, 2011

i'm always late - but in sloth time i'm actually prompt

just tryin to make myself not look so bad there.  i've meant to get in here for days and get those pix i promised up-- i just got busy.  maybe i'm not such a sloth these days after all . 
my mother in law (Mommason) is coming in a few days , to watch soulkid graduate, and i have been killing myself trying to get things in order, and get caught up on all my business stuff, and also the pre - graduation biz - getting her to her final exams etc -- which -- she passed - with flying colors!!!  woo hoo !!!  then , getting her grad-gown paid for -delivered- picked up and pressed , gettin her shoes and outfit for graduation day.  i've been out doin somethin just about every single day for a couple weeks, and if i haven't been out - i've been workin in the house.
then this passed three days i have been hammered with some crazy back pain.  almost unforgiving.  and relentless.  yesterday - it was literally do- or die, i had to go to the grocery store.  i was literally forced to use a motorized scooter to shop in.  it was the first time i have done major shopping in one of those, and i have to admit- i think i shrunk a little inside.  them things though?  i gotta say they hold a ton more shit than i ever thought they did.  i spent a fortune.  but we were out of every damn thing in the house.  sure feels good to have some food in this place.  and all the other necessities.  we have been forced to eat fast food for the last week.  that or pantry leavin mystery dinners.  it's not been fun, but we have all been busy in our own ways lately .

i always get sticker shock - or panic when i overspend -- but then i remember to thank God we can afford to eat.  there's been times we couldn't.

i also realized - at the store - that not everybody is an asshole in this world.  although i didn't except it-- at the register , two different women, that didn't work there - asked if i would like them to help me unload my basket.  i declined , but it did make me feel good.-- and you know me-- it did embarrass me a little too.  but again-- i gotta say -- without the scooter? there is no way possibly that i could have completed that task pushing a cart.  not in the pain i was in... and honestly?  in my current condition--- i wouldn't have been able to push that cart after about the first ten or fifteen minutes into it.  face it folks.  i'm ruined.  i have passed my limit.  this really sucks.  perhaps by admitting it and realizing it -- i can stop letting it beat the hell out of me, and just deal with it and make the appropriate changes eh?  instead of letting it beat me... and hide at home feeling defeated. i say i can't shop -- but i did.  i didn't like the way i had to do it ... but i got it done.. and it didn't kill me.  and i also say i can't cook -- but guess what?  i cooked last night-- and i promised hubby that tonight i would cook again.  it's been way too long that i been sayin 'i can't'... that really isn't 'me'.. all it does is depress me, or guilt me.  today -- i'm re-claiming my damn life-

ok... where that came from -- i don't know.  more for me i guess. just kinda spillin thoughts maybe.

anyhow -- here's some pix i was talkin about the other day ----

this is the one i bought   -- for 50 +$

this is the other one i saw later --- for 210.00 !!!!

this is a cool corner shelf i got -- cuz i have too much crap and no where to put it!

i saw a ton of other stuff i wanted to get -- but i had to stop spendin money.  i can't wait to go back !!!
they had an awesome antique bed i wanted to get for my guest room... i would have got it -- woulda had to use a credit card - but i would have splurged --- but --- the mattresses - which were in like new condition - didn't go with it.  i can't afford that and new mattresses - so i had to pass.  it was real nice though.  my mommasson would have loved it.  oh well. it was best i didn't get it .  (700.00)
i do plan to do the guest room in antiques tho.  i have a good start already -- scattered throughout the house :))

anyhow -- as usual, i have a busy day ahead -- so i better get started --
hope y'all have happy days in your worlds -- and better weekends ahead !

it's gonna be 70 glorious degrees here in soulland today !!!!  if i was smart - i'd put my work off and go FISHIN !!!  hmmmmm....  i really should go huh?  help me ease my conscience and put off my responsibilities.  it won't be 70 degrees again maybe for the rest of 'winter.'  i deserve to fish don't i?  70 !  inside workin?  outside playin?  inside?  outside?  fresh air?  stinky litter/pet/ heater air?  fish?  work?   sun?  artificial light?

ok i'll stop.

happy friday !!!!