Wednesday, July 16, 2008

again--- NADA

cept this little video-- less than 3 minutes long-- was tryin to get jamie a good luck fish for yesterday--- guess it worked-- even tho he was just a baby :)) (well, compared to what i usually get outta there... )
where the hell did the big ones go? that's what i wanna know.
anyhow- til somethin interesting happens-- this is the kinda crap y'all get to see around here i guess.

today tho-- i may come up with somethin to write-- cuz i am actually gonna go outside, and face the world :))
i am so far behind behind on everything-- if i don't get food, and pay bills, and do real life things-- we just all may die around here.
besides that-- i am gonna meet JLEE for coffee later on today-- which i am like 2 weeks late for. ugh.
i don't mean to be a bad friend... i just seem to not keep up lately-- with anyone.
hopefully no one hates me yet.

anyhow-- i gotta go--
hopefully the next fishin video will be WALTER !!!! :))