Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mcdonalds people can be feisty sometimes !

the title of this post is a direct quote from one of soulkids' friends as we were gettin food earlier. it just has to be the quote of the week... or is it just cuz i'm so tiahd, and out of it today? either way-- it struck me ridiculously funny, and i laughed like a mental patient. --- well, until the two of them began to shout obscenities out of the car window at some boys they knew from school.. then nothing was funny.

except THIS:

y'all just have to watch this video-- soulman found it somewhere-- it is so funny-- and fitting.


tango at the tourney

oh whaaat a beautiful mornin-- oh what a beautiful day--

oh wait-- that's the wrong song song of the day--

i mean...

no-bo-dy knooooows the tro-ubles i-ve seee-een..

haha.. na, it is't that bad... but man i tell ya. i'm too old for night tournaments. i had NO idea how hard it would be. not that it wasn't fun. we did have a good time. but there was just not enough daylight. once it got dark , it got really aggravating.

well... actually-- i was aggravated before we got there-- and this part only got worse. i am one whose phone like NEVER rings. i get calls from doctors, a couple times a week. no biggie. i normally get calls from my child -- checkin in , or wanting something.. normal, right.... and of course hubby calls , mostly on his way home from work or at lunch... 99percent of these calls are expected, or at least during the day, for the most part. BUT , i would bet ya , 200.00 that i don't even have-- which obviously is obviously a sure bet on my end-- my phone rang from the time we left the house til the time we left the tournament--- a MINIMUM of THIRTY times. now, people-- MY phone doesn't ring thirty times in a WEEK ! but it rang off the hook while i'm trying to fish a damn tournament. did it piss me off? YES. did it cost me fish? YES it did-- TWO of them. UGH.
and those are the ones that hit while i was ON the damn phone.. that doesn't count the ones i missed just out of the fact that my concentration was so off i couldn't think, or i had to waste five minutes with the phone three times every half hour. it was just sooo damn irritating. i was ready to throw my phone into the lake-- but soulkid had a friend over-- and they were here alone-- the kids mom had already called me once-- ugh-- i just am one of those peeps that always answer my phone-- worrying that it's soulkid-- or about soulkid-- or a parent-- or the school..ya know? so, i had to answer the phone.
(soulman won't answer his if he doesn't know the number-- me? if i don't know the number-- i think "somethings wrong". dammit-- i wish i could "relax".)

(holy crap people... i don't know what time i started this post-- but it is now- 10 a.m. UGH--- soulkid woke up shortly i got my lazy self up... and has talked me head off ever since NON-STOP. i am sooo not used to that. i am normally awake at least an hour or 2 or 3 before anyone. i don't have noise of any kind in that time-- and oh how i missed that this morning. my head is throbbing, my back is locked up-- and my hands are cramped up from so much fishing yesterday. now i have been forced to talk, nand endure the the loudness of soulmans tv. i think i should go hide somewhere-- but there's no where quiet to hide. maybe my closet? LOL )

ok anyhow-- let's see if i can get this damn thing wrapped up---
i don't even know where i left off.
i guess, last night eh?
yes we had fun. but i will admit it was more stressful than i anticipated. it ended later than i thought-- 1030 rather than 930. hell i'm usually asleep by 1030. most of the time.
the fishing was really tough. soulman got the biggest fish. he maybe weighed two pounds plus. i got the smallest-- he was soooo smalllll. i laughed for five minutes over that fish. he was a "spot".. and you can weigh a spot no matter the size-- normally, they have to 14 inches long. but this guy? LOL-- he could NOT have been more than FOUR inches long. THE smallest bass i ever caught in my life. it was hysterical. and yes.. we kept him for weigh in. (thinkin others would find it just as funny.. i'll get to that later tho)...
anyhow-- the big fish weren't bitin. not sure why, but it was tough. many boats blanked (zero fish)... but we did manage to get our five. we caught more-- and poor soulman had two really nice ones AT the boat when they shook off. it was sickening. my three i actually got in the boat-- were small and nothin to brag about. cept "tiny".. he was adorable.. but it was almost dark- and too much hassle to dig out the camera-- but i really wanted a pic of him.
anyhow. i did miss some good ones.. usually on the damn phone. UGH.
so anyhow-- once it got dark.. it just sucked. it got kinda cold-- for me. seems soulman never gets cold.. but i do-and i did. so i was uncomfortable, my phone was ringin every fifteen minutes, i couldn't see , which made casting a bitch. yes i know i am complaining. but bass fishing in the dark, is just tough. there must be an easier way. on the way home, it crossed my mind to try drop shotting.. which may or may not work.. cuz they were close to the bank.
anyhow-- can you tell i cannot concentrate to save my life right now?? sorry.

i'll fast forward to weigh in..
oh but first-- to top off the final frustration.. when we were heading to weigh in from our final fishin spot-- soulman went to lift the trolling motor-- and guess what happened? the friggin trolling motor rope BROKE! i don't know how he did it, but he managed to get the motor up--if not, we woulda been screwed. trapped out there--having to troll ALL the way back to the ramp-- it woulda took an hour. not only would we have missed weigh in.. but we woulda just been pissed. but he needs to fix that today. i'm so glad he can do things like that himself . somebody else would charge 50 bucks to put a new rope on that damn thing.

ok.. on to weigh in.

i have NEVER-- in all my bass fishin YEARS-- seen so many ASSHATS of fishermen in one place. it and they are usually jovial, and talkative and fun.. whether they catch fish or not-- they at least talk.. especially when you look at them, and speak. i knew-- and felt-- immediately , that i , as a woman, was NOT welcomed there. it happened maybe three or four times before i just shut my mouth, and realized that even though it was tough, and we didn't win any money-- there WILL be a next time...and i will show them that i can fish just as well or better than any of them. (well except maybe the guy that had a six - plus pounder). -- WHO btw-- i looked right at him, and said "wow, who's is that-- NOT ONE guy said a word.. not even him. anyone-- anyone, that i know who fishes-- would have said "that would be me-- or mine-- or whatever. who in their right mind would not brag about that fish? he looked right at me-- or should i say through me. it was like i didn't exist there at all. sooo awkward.
and as for "tiny"... man, woman, or child, would have found that fish hysterical. it was the cutes thing i have ever seen. they were frickin zombies. i know it is because i am a woman..and the only one there--and poor soulman got the same treatment-- i assume, because HE brought me there. oh how i wish we woulda won the damn thing.. just to piss em off even more.

see what i mean about not being able to think or concentrate etc.. i think i should just shut up for now-- i'm havin a tough morning.

i shall return later , hopefully my mind will clear, and i can focus by then.

until then... i will do some cruisin.. etc..and hopefully catch up with y'all.