Sunday, April 6, 2008

more nuthin for a sunday

i got up at 4 a.m
every light in the house was on.
the dogs goin nuts to go go out.
soulman gone for the night
had to check on soulkid-
to make sure she was alright.
once i was up- i thought i was up-
the dogs had to go outside-
i was so stinkin tired
and started the coffee
and lit my first cig
and sat my fat ass in the chair.
then the dogs came in,
and i poured a cup.
and lit me a first of several smokes.
i wrote this here post
debated goin to bed for a while
and after eevie puked on the floor
that was it.
i bid y'all another goodnight-
i'll be back!

(i knew i wrote a post this morning-
i just found it in my drafts-
how weird-
obviously i was still half asleep-
it was 4 - somethin in the morning-
i went back to bed til 7-ish-
now i am back.
i will be cruisin now.
see ya soon)