Saturday, February 16, 2008

I heart YOU

jess, over at foster communications gave me this here award a couple days ago. just cuz she's cool like that----

i like it-- i think it looks like a tattoo---

now i am to share the love and pass this along---


Portia - cuz she's my little sis i never had --

Oldy-- cuz she's my big sis, i've always had :))

EE cuz she is like my first ever blog sistah ! she was the first (outside of my family) to comment here-- she is still here--- and she named my blog ... from "soulmange" to "soul survivor" -- and she knows how to spread the love

Val --- cuz she's just so lovable, ya wanna kidnap her and go have coffee

simonsays--- need i say more? she's my bud . :))

Jyankee -- cuz she's my gecko sistah -- nobody else has a gecko sis :))

awwww hell--- everybody take it-- if you're on my links, you know i love ya.. and you should have it.. so i will break all the rules and give it to all of you-- if ya want it. cuz y'all deserve it, and i'm too tired to write speeches for everybody :))

sushi is two--

Valentines Day was Sushi-- AKA Sushit's-- birthday. she turned two years old. sometimes it's hard to forget she's just a babeeee.

this was right after we got her--
no bigger than that bear--
she ATE that very bear--
that she loved.

but not before she became this:

the mutant min pin from hell!
i swear to all of you
this dog has some serious issues.
but, we love her.
she is twice the size as she should be, one of her eyes is smaller than the other,
she humps the cat--- Jitterbug-- a female.
she hallucinates-- i swear she does.. she catches flies that aren't there-
she opens and closes her mouth as if she is talking-- obviously , that is not the case.
she also farts alot-- even on company! but even they love her. and so do we.

so anyways.
she is two--and still a baby.
but big as a damn horse.
with issues.