Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why am i so lazy

I'm sittin here blind, posting on my IPAD, when i could easily go into my office and do this on my big computer.  But nooooo.  I'm comfy here, on my reclining couch, my Chewie at my feet, the fireplace goin... Coffee in one hand, stylus in the other.  Get the picture?  You prolly wouldn't wanna move to the cold office and big clunky chair either.

So anyhow, how's life peeps?  Hope all is well.  I haven't hit facebook yet this morning, so i don't know what's up.

Things here aren't too bad.  Cept i just spent the last hour - again - trying, and failing, to get Google Reader to update my blog.  I guess that just aint happenin folks.  Sorry.  I'll keep tryin now and then, but for now, i have had all i can handle of it.
Looks like Google + is the best i can do for now.  It gave me some of your names and i added you, but others didn't come up. ;((

Does anyone have big plans for Thanksgiving ?  I hope y'all have really good ones.
We are gonna go to NM ... AKA 'Hell' as i used to call it.  I hated living there, and i think it took me years to get passed my hate of that place.  I honestly will never live there again, but i am looking forward to seeing my B Family.  :)). It has been a long time and i miss them.
It is gonna be cooold there, and it will be a long drive, but thank God i don't smoke anymore... I remember the oh so many freezin cold days when we 'lived' in a twinkie camper in the yard.... I had to go out there with just a tiny space heater for my 'smoke and choke' each morning.  I cried real tears most mornings.  Oh what a awful time that was for me.  For more reasons than that, but ugh.  This time will be nice.

So...snapping back to reality...  Today it's freezin cold here in Tx too.  Me an Chewie would normally be finally able to go back to traing today, but it's just too damn cold.  She has been in heat for what seems like forever, so she hasn't been able to go to training... To many male dogs, and she is just too sexy for that.  So maybe Tuesday will be warmer.  I hope, and we. Can go then?

Even tho she hasn't been to regular training, i still train on a regular basis, and her latest new thing is 'pick it up' .  She actually is learning that really quicly!  But i figured out that i need to use 'food' rather than objects - for now.

Chewie is absolutely the best thing that has happened to or for me in many years.

Stay warm y'all and be happy !