Saturday, February 23, 2008

E-mer-gen-cy 9-1-1

morning folks-- happy satahday to ya!

wanna hear about my friday? perhaps also the reason why y'all didn't see me around too much?

well, ya know, i'll tell you anyhow-- but it wasn't a good day here-- i can tell you that much right off. i do hope things were better in your worlds!

y'all already noticed prolly that i didn't do much cruisin yesterday-- or commenting. it wasn't cuz i didn't want to-- y'all know i always want to check in on you , even if i don't say anything here, i usually try to say something on y'alls pages.
but , let's just say yesterday was not good here in Soulland. .

most of you know i've been sick this week... but yesterday-- was the worst sick day of all for me .
i would say-- it was the worst medical day in my life . and i have had a lot of medical days--and issues--as most of you know by now.

anyhow-- it started sickly-- puking etc. the day before i puked a lot too. the flu, i spose. unable to keep even liquid down. not to mention the bronchitis i've been trying to fight off as well. so, i spent the day-- trying to recover---med up-- and sleep.. cuz i hardly slept the night before at all.
nothing helped. i felt like hell all day.

soulman worked of course--soulkid went to school of course-- as their days ended, the kid called to go after school to stay the night with a friend-- i was glad later-- that i let her go.

the rest is a blur for the most part-- because i can still barely remember soulman even coming home. my memory of some things is better now than last night-- but still patchy, at best.

so-- what i do remember???
i vaguely remember that we had started to watch american idol that we recorded the night before--- (it took hours, before any of these memories came-- and they are still very fuzzy)
after that?
i was in my chair-- and didn't know where i was -- or what the hell just happened-- only that something happened... something BIG. and scary. i opened my eyes.. to a room full of EMT's -- and a very scared husband! they were calling my name over and over-- i couldn't really focus-- mentally or visual at the moment-- not until--
i heard this:

"brenda-- you had a seizure!"

that was when i think i finally opened my eyes... i saw all these people .. maybe four to six of them. and hubby. he looked white as a sheet, and on the verge of tears.
i kept hearing, you had a seizure , do you know where you are? do you know what happened?
those kinds of things. at the moment--- i knew NOTHING. i barely even know if i knew where i was.. i do know i knew hubby-- and i knew something happened.

as they got me a bit more coherent -and able to stand--- i guess-- cuz the next thing i remember -- i was in the ambulance!!! i have been in an ambulance one time in my life-- i was 15 and a whole different story---
so needles to say-- i was pretty scared.. and extremely confused. i was also puking-- mostly dry heaves--they asked me my birthday-- i didn't know it-- my age-- nope. after a couple minutes-- i saw soulmans big ole bubba mobile thru the back window of the ambulance-- i think that was when i kinda started bringing a little together-- nothing of the "event", but like who i was, my age-- but i was off at first-- by a year-- but was able to correct it.

anything before that was told to me-- by soulman.. he has his own story to tell, maybe i will have him put a post up here later with more detail. i only know he had never seen anything like it--especially from me. i had never gone into convulsions before in my life, and apparently-- this was a pretty intense one. especially for his first to have to be a part of.
he also knows that my own brother died an epileptic, in convulsions... and aside from that--- his brothers ex "wife" , died from aspirating vomit, in a drug overdose-- and a friend of his other brother-- his wife also died within 2 years of that ..-- same prob-- but no drugs involved-- it happened while she was sleeping. very very freakin weird. i could have been the third woman in or close to one family-- his family-- do have that problem, and that was his biggest fear. in fact there was one point he said i stopped breathing and went limp-- he literally thought i had died in his arms.

anyhow-- this was the first time i have ever had a seizure---convulsions anyhow-- i have suspected that i had had "small" seizures (petimals).. but was never sure.

we spent most the eve and night at ER--- they stuck needles in every possible vein in both my arms.. ekg.. head scan.... x-rays... you name it they did it-- i got the FULL workup.

i'm not looking forward to this bill. :((
but i must say-- i am very happy to have not been home alone. hubby pulled through like a champ-- and did everything right-- even though he wasn't sure what to do-- and it was very hard for him.

anyhow-- they finally let us leave-- with rx for nausea.. (and a different anti-biotic (because that was the only thing we could guess may be a part of this-- the only new med i'm on???)
but of course they would NOT rx for the excruciating headache and neck and shoulder muscle pain... ugh -- terribly pain. i wretched every possible muscle i could have in my neck etc.
i ended up vomiting, even more--2 more times after we got home-- but finally was able to keep the meds down..and sleep-- some very needed sleep. and poor hubby he was sooo freakin exhausted.. but wouldn't let me out of his sight-- and in fact-- insisted that i wake him-- no matter how early this morning. i'm happy i slept til 6 today, not the usual 4 ish.

anyhow-- i woke to a terrible headache, and my neck, shoulders, arms, are very very sore. other than that-- i feel ok. still sick with the flu-- runnin a lowgrade fever-- i guess-- close to 100. anyhow-- all that is easily remedied.

so anyhow-- if you don't see much of me today-- i'm recovering. or sleeping. i have a feeling both of us will be having a nap later.

i gotta go---- will catch ya later