Friday, May 25, 2007

not a lot to say right now

well, it's friday. the first friday of "summer". (no least not until june 4th).
so what is on my agenda for the day? hmmm... we WERE going to go fishing...on our boat. the boat that we just put several hundred dollars into! BUT.... wouldn't ya know it... something is wrong with it. the engine is spittin fuel. well, we can't run it like that. we've already been on a boat that caught fire once...and trust me...ONCE is PLENTY enough for a life time for anybody! that was pretty scary...we had to bail out and swim to shore. my daughter was only five years old at the time...and ya know, now that i think about it...i do believe THAT is when she decided she didn't like to fish anymore! (why didn't i realize THAT sooner? she probably has PTSD! i hope not.
but, ya, anyhow. now we have to get that fixed before we can take it on the water. we are soooooo bummmed. but pretty sure that it has something to do with the boat sitting, unstarted, for almost two years. ya think? grrrrr.
sooooo...besides that, it's raining. so not only can we not go fishing...on or off the boat...i can't even go yardsaling. and it's been a long time since i even really felt like doing that. but today i would...but noooooo.

soooooo.... i did promise my kid i would take her to Target to get a CD that she's been wanting. so i suppose i will be going there today. but there is nothing that i want for myself there. except maybe a few easy to eat junk. everyone is already nagging...including me this time...that there is nothing to eat. well...there's actually lots to eat .. it just ALL needs to be cooked. and who the hell wants to do THAT? not any of us. LOL

other than that? laundry. of course. where does all of it come from? it's never-ending!
also...i gotta clean my sty..i mean house.
just misc inside crap i guess. i wish i could find our drill...i just might hang stuff on the walls ... FINALLY ... if i knew where that was.

oh...but yesterday, we did clean up the garage...not all the way, but we got TONS of crap sorted and put up in the attic. i also pinched a nerve in my neck the day that crap didn't help any. i should go to the dr. but i'm too cheap. i'd rather go out to eat, or buy some other worthless item with that money! ugh. i AM my mothers' daughter.

ok... more later maybe.
for now...i'm gone