Saturday, August 11, 2007

comments update on the fishin

hi peeps....

i started this in the comments, in response to josie and yankee....but decided to move it here ... so , here it is.

good to see ya... yes it was quite the day on he lake today.
obviously my brain was fried when i wrote that post earlier. my gawd... i had no idea how long it was...nor did i intend for it to end up that way. i could barely see or think, or even stay awake for that matter, and was actually just trying to spit out the "quick" high points, so i could go get some sleep. boy, i told y'all i could write a book. just didn't think it would end up here. :))

anyhow. yes... men do get that petty apparently, but i really think it was started in a joking type manner, and then the other guys got egged on, and it took off from there. it's all good tho. we got the money. i swear it was a legal fish though! dammit. that's the part that is aggravating. but everyone was sooo hot, and really.. if ya wanna get down to it... they were probably a little peeved that they waited for us for twenty minutes or so, after they had all already weighed etc... for us to catch our retahded fish out of the stupid live well ! omg. and wouldn't ya know.. there's like fourty guys standin over there watchin us TRY to get the fish out... and what is the first thing they see? MYY ASS! yep.. that's the birds eye view from me backward on my knees on the seat with my head in the live well... NICE. NOT.
oh well, like i said. it's just not that big a deal. no resentments here. it would be different if it was a two or three pounder. i might be a bit pissed if they did that to a good fish.

and yes.. just a couple more good fish woulda won it for us. damn. little disappointing, but hey. shit happens. and this was our first tourney together. people fish differently under pressure. we found that out today.. i mean we already knew that... but never had fished one together. sooo now we know.
i was worried all day that he wouldn't want to fish another tournament with me, cuz i had got snagged up so often, and didn't catch any fish. luckily that wasn't the case. he said he had a good time and would definitely fish a tourney again with me. i sighed a huge sigh of relief to that.

and hell, it was funny.. to look back on. we had a few laughs on the drive home, and a little while ago, after had rested a bit.
but you were right.. aside from flying fish... there were MANY cuss words on the boat flying as well. but hey.. they were just random, not to or at each other. we cussed fish, and live wells, and snags, and heat, but not each other. :))

i do miss my hat though. but hey.. that is the first hat i have ever lost off the boat... hubby has lost more than i can count... and a couple of them were mine! (that he "borrowed" :)) i do wonder sometimes just how many hats and sunglasses lay on lake bottoms. hmmm.

and yankee, yes... 70 bucks, made me happy. like josie said, it covered the entry fee..and lunch! FOOD! we had some delivered. found a place that actually sends lasagna to your door ! what a treat. well except when the delivery guy showed up and dropped one of them on the ground ! yep, that really happened. he was gonna go get a new one...but hubby said since it didn't open or spill he would just keep it.. we were STAHVIN !
when aren't we right? :))

anyhow... i'm off to check on my peoples now.

and since THIS ended up long as well.. i shall move it into the post section.. cuz i'm lazy like that... and this can be my "update" of sorts.

There's No Such Thing As A Bad Day Of Fishing

But there damn sure is an unlucky one!
i shit you not, this was the craziest day of fishing wither of us have ever had. together, separately, or with another partner. there were times i swear we must have looked like the three stooges out there! people would stop fishing just to watch us make fools of ourselves. at one point, we had both rods hung up at the same time! hubby got a hang up, and while he was trying to get his loose, I got hung up. so he's still workin on his...i'm lettin my line out on mine, so the line doesn't break, because the boat was drifting.. so.. he gets his line out of the hang up.. then he works on mine... while he's getting my line out of the rocks, or whatever it was hung up on, i decided to fish with his rod.... why waste valuable fishing time, right? so... i cast... i reel... and guess what? yep. we have TWO rods hung up again. it was such crap. and we were both so frustrated it was crazy. he got both lines out, and i noticed the boat about thirty or fourty feet from us were watching this fiasco the entire time. a couple. great.
so we get back to fishin, and by this time............. well, actually it was really early when he got it, but hubby had caught a NICE fish at our first stop of the morning. he was all, oooh get the net, get the net... so we're both all goin nutty trying to net and boat this bass, and get it into the live well etc. so.. we get it in there... and guess what?... the freakin, stinkin live well would not pump water ! that's how our day began! we were like, oh man, you gotta be freakin kiddin! we were pissed. there we were with a really good fish, and the live well wouldn't work! at the beginning of the day. erg! but.. after a lot of panicking, and a little tweaking, we got it working. PHEW. so that saved the day. BUT...
back to what i was saying... there we were... after tangling three rods in a period of about ten minutes. .... maybe fifteen. not sure. people were laughin at us. ga- reat. but anyhow.. right as we were pulling into that spot , we heard something. a bump, or scrape kinda noise, but pretty loud. we look... i say, hmm did the motor hit bottom? (cuz it did scrape bottom there once before).. he says, no it was the fish. we chuckled....dumb ass fish. then we just fished, and got hung up, and pissed off, and i'm guessing between the time we heard "the noise" and the time i decided to check on the fishy... he also had two little spotted bass as companions because there were no measurement restrictions on the spots.... they really were tiny! and CUTE... anyhow... i lift the lid on the live well, and what do you think i saw? hmmm.... well, i will tell you.... it scared the shit out of me! first thing i saw... an EMPTY live well !!! (no water).. second thing i saw... the bass... layin limp on his side !!!! i didn't even notice or look for the spots..... they just weren't that important. BUT THE FISH! i thought he was dead. there was maybe three inches of water in there.... barely enough to cover one gill. he was not dead but he was close to it. i was like *GASP* OMG!!! hubby says WHAT?? i'm like.. there's no water in here!!! he says WHAT? i said it again. he comes rushing to the back of the boat to see..... we're both freakin out... over a freakin fish. and the same boat, with the same couple on it, are still sittin over there fishin... and gettin this free laurel and hardy show ! so anyhow... hubby starts flippin switches...i'm "massaging" the bass.... finally... water starts going in. it seemed like forever before the water covered the fish...and even longer before he moved. the only thing that saved that fish was the fact that we thought to freeze water bottles to cool the live well water down. he woulda died for sure if he was overheated on top of that. but, he managed to stay alive til weigh in... after much worry, and many many many many live well and fish checks. we worried about that fish as much as we would a sick baby. by that time.. we had like an hour and a half left to fish.. and still only the big guy and his two companions. all of which hubby caught. did i mention that part yet?
well anyhow, it was extremely hot. had to be close to 100 degrees if not more. i haven't checked yet. but whatever it was, we were feeling every single bit of it. but, we fished on. and on.
we got hits, and misses, and snags. and one time i had a fish... and he felt like a really good one too. i felt him hit.. and i could hear in my head the little piece of advice that hubby had given me earlier in the morning... "you get a fish, you set the hook like he's tryin to take money away from you!" so... what do i do? i set that hook as hard as i ever have in my life! and ya know what happened? ;)) a fish came flying over my head, and over the opposite side of the boat, and flew right off the hook, and back into the lake !!!! on any other day i woulda been pretty pissed... but by now, each of us could only laugh. what else are ya gonna do right?
hell... hubby lost a really nice one earlier on too, back in a cove. that one was a keeper too. at least two pounds. that one was a sickening loss to both of us. first the livewell wouldn't work, then it leaked, we'd both been hung up at least ten or twenty times each, hubby cut his foot pretty bad on the trolling motor somehow, we all but did CPR on a damn fish, i couldn't tell ya how many hook cuts i had in my fingers by then, was hotter than hell out there.
time went by so fast out there. i really thought i was gonna puss out really early, but i fished til i nearly passed out. one time hubby actually caught me by the arm as i was teetering. whatever would i do without my hubby? :))
so, anyhow, ya, we didn't have much luck, but ya sure can't say we didn't try. we literally fished until we had FOUR minutes to weigh in. i had no idea how far it was... you know me and my non sense of direction... i didn't even know where we were, much less how long it would take to get back over there. so... we get everything wrapped up... or stowed...whichever you prefer.. and off we go. boy did we go! we musta hit 60 - 70 MPH at times... and our boat is NOT a smooth ride.

there was a couple times i thought i was gonna fly outta the side of the boat.. and that's no joke... it almost happened once before.. but i landed on the back deck! so today... i thought damn... i'm gonna die! so, i was holdin on for my life, bouncin, and gettin tossed all over the place. i had my hat.. my tan "arkansas" hat behind my back... well... i went forward.... the hat went backwards... it is now in the lake...somewhere. so i say.. that little move just cost me my hat! hubby says.. we have THREE minutes to weigh in!!! that's when i just closed my eyes AND my mouth and held on even tighter. cuz i knew he meant business.
somehow.. we managed to make it to weigh in on time... BUT... when we got there... hubby says.. we don't have a bag. oh crap! so he had to go borrow one to put the fish in to take em to weigh in. then he comes back.. and we can't get the freakin fish! first the big one was finally lively again... no more worries about his dumb ass... he starts fightin me...and bitin me.... and i don't know if it was his mouth or a fin but that SOB drew blood! i finally got him in the bag... which had like ten holes in it, and water goin out like a damn sprinkler! so hubbys tryin to keep the fish alive..again, while i chase two very fast little fishies in the live well. finally he drains the water out but it's taking forever. by now EVERYONE is waitin on US! and watching us!!!! OMG! so finally I had to go get another bag, cuz the fish was gonna die... so i go ask for another bag.. some guy says "do you have a big weigh in?" i'm like, haha not even close!" so i go back and hubby still hasn't caught those little bastards. so i go for it again.. maybe five or ten minutes later we finally get the lil fuckers in the bag and get to the scales. hubby knows a lot of these guys, but i had never met them before. so we get over there... and one says to another, hey (so and so) i think he's got you with this one! hmmmmm. this could be interesting. i saw a couple bags and i didn't think his fish was any bigger. so , they get the fish up there... and some dude starts raisin a stink about one of the spots... sayin it's a mixed breed.. a mean mouth... a small mouth mixed with a spot.... then other guys chime in... ya dude you can't weigh that fish. blah blah blah. it was like a 5 oz fish! it wouldn't have won or lost the tournament for anybody. geesh. so hubby had to take the walk of shame and throw his little fishy back into the lake...... which WAS a spotted bass....had the rough tounge and everything, the guy was just a turd...
BUT.... get this...
ALL was NOT lost... yes we had a rough day... but hubby came through... with a almost five pound bass !!! and WON 70 bucks for big bass!!! woo hoo !!!
i get the kudos for keepin the damn thing alive for two hours tho. :))
the other guy got the kick in the butt for raisin a stink over the baby fishy (only one of the two though) by losin big bass to hubby.
and... i did not wuss out like a cry baby and sit down and stop fishin... at all. i fished my ass off... there's just some days you aren't gonna catch a fish. too bad today was one of those days for me.
i think like 7.5 pounds won it.. 300.00 we coulda used that... and two decent fish woulda done it for us. oh well
there's always next time.

(it prolly took me an hour to write this.. it is now 4:16 PM...and i am going to bed. or maybe i'll take a bath and then go to bed. or perhaps i will bathe and cruise and then go to bed. or maybe i'll just shut up and figure that out in a minute)

i shall catch up with you peeps latah
thanks for the luck!!!
even if it went in hubbys direction.. i get to share the wealth :))