Saturday, July 11, 2009

why whine? it's what i do :))

howdy folks---
i know, i was sposed to have my photo challenge pix up today. early today. but i was late. then i planned on havin em on by dinner time-- but what was i doin at dinner time? yep -- sleepin. i was up ALL night last night... to top off the whole week of scrounging for paperwork of this type or that. then i had to head out out to dallas for more business. y'all just know how i love that trip. i absolutely hate going there.
on the bright side-- what i thought would take about six hours-- took only about two and a half. so it wasn't all bad. but as soon as i got home , i shoveled some grub down my throat and went to bed. i was exhausted. one more domino down.

now i'm up -- since about 8.. yes i am a sloth.
and now i'm gonna eat some wings and watch UFC, and prolly go back to bed after that. if i'm lucky.

if y'all can give me a break due to circumstances, i'll try (no more promises donna ;)) -
to get my shadow pix up tomorrow. i really did mean to do it this afternoon. i was just beat when i got home.

anyhow-- happy friday nights to y;all... have fun-