Thursday, March 15, 2007


good Lord. why do i always sing the worst possible songs in the world...over and over and over again???? aaallll morning long today ...

we all live in a yellow submarine...

wanna know the worst part...those are the only words i know in that song. i swear it'll kill me if it doesn't go away!

have you ever sat and looked around at your house and thought to yourself... "how in the world can my house be in such disarray, when i never go anywhere, or do anything?" have you? well, i ask myself that question quite often. i wonder how it gets this bad, and seemingly, so fast. yes, a day or two may pass that i don't clean much, and often more than that will pass with dishes piling up...but i'll at least straighten up in the kitchen etc. but it seems that in an instant i'll just be sitting in the living room, or standing in the kitchen...and i will "suddenly" realize that the entire house looks like a train has just run through it !!! all i can do is wonder... where was i when this happened....or, didn't i just clean this place yesterday? i just don't get it. do i have brain damage or something???? it really isn't a slow progression into a cluttered , messy house.... it honestly seems to be an instant massive destructive wave of terror !!!! i just don't get it. it's like i have just awakened from a coma, and realized that i'm in someone elses home... or HELL !!!

so.... to all of you who complain that you work too hard, and wish you could stay home etc.... just realize this.....

when you stay home for too becomes your prison...and you somehow, eventually get lost in some mythical labyrinth of despair and hopelessness that has no exit. and when you have the brief moments of alertness, you cannot handle the reality of your "new surroundings" that have become your life, your self... so you return to the safety within yourself.. because your internal hell, seems better than your external hell, that is your reality.

so anyhow... i think that was my other personality speaking. because i have no idea what i just said or where it came from.

we alll live in a yelllow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine (dot dot dot)