Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oh really ?

well, i got your gramma right here --

would y'all believe, i went into school today, to get my child... my FIFTEEN year old child.... and the lady there, asked me if i was mom, OR "Gramma"? UGH. ERG!
i actually uttered the words of shock... OH...MY...GAWD. i'm her mom. i nearly fainted. i really must look like utter hell. gramma? never in my life has anyone asked if i was ANYONES gramma. i am truly OLD.
would you like to hear what's funny about this? just last night hubby was telling me that before he had lost weight-- he is really close to forty pounds now. which is really awesome for him. but anyhow--- he said people would guess his age closer to fifty-- recently when his age is guessed it has been more often than not in his mid to late thirties. he really is lookin tons better-- feelin better-- and i have noticed, he has stopped snoring--and his rosacia has cleared up .
sooooo--- while he's gettin all skinny and young lookin---- what am i doin? i'm gettin fat and old and granny like. somebody just kill me now.
holy crap i'm livin a nightmare.
pass the moo moo- and pink hair curlers -- don't forget the pink fluffy slippers, and black poodle with the crusty eyes.
i think i'll take a pain pill now that my back is all tied in knots ---- just in time for wally hell.
what a fine day this is.
hope y'alls is better---
why don't ya tell me about it... ?

school is out here tomorrow-- how bout at your place--if ya got kids?