Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oh really ?

well, i got your gramma right here --

would y'all believe, i went into school today, to get my child... my FIFTEEN year old child.... and the lady there, asked me if i was mom, OR "Gramma"? UGH. ERG!
i actually uttered the words of shock... OH...MY...GAWD. i'm her mom. i nearly fainted. i really must look like utter hell. gramma? never in my life has anyone asked if i was ANYONES gramma. i am truly OLD.
would you like to hear what's funny about this? just last night hubby was telling me that before he had lost weight-- he is really close to forty pounds now. which is really awesome for him. but anyhow--- he said people would guess his age closer to fifty-- recently when his age is guessed it has been more often than not in his mid to late thirties. he really is lookin tons better-- feelin better-- and i have noticed, he has stopped snoring--and his rosacia has cleared up .
sooooo--- while he's gettin all skinny and young lookin---- what am i doin? i'm gettin fat and old and granny like. somebody just kill me now.
holy crap i'm livin a nightmare.
pass the moo moo- and pink hair curlers -- don't forget the pink fluffy slippers, and black poodle with the crusty eyes.
i think i'll take a pain pill now that my back is all tied in knots ---- just in time for wally hell.
what a fine day this is.
hope y'alls is better---
why don't ya tell me about it... ?

school is out here tomorrow-- how bout at your place--if ya got kids?


Smocha said...

Bwa ha! I feel yer pain. It's happened to me a few times now. It's very depressing.

Kudos to hubby ! That's awesome! He doesn't have a formal dress I can borrow does he?

send me yer cell numbers and maybe wes can send you a pic from his phone of the newlyweds.

Luv me

SOUL: said...

it IS depressing. technically, i could be a gramma-- but NOT of a 15 year old. it sickens me. how old would i actually have to be to have a fifteen year old grand-kid anyhow? i suck at math. even if i was 15 and had a kid- and she/he was 15 and had a kid- that would make me - what? ummm... holy crap-- is it actually almost possible? 45 right? good lord. sooooo--- let's say if mine has a kid at 20... and hers has one at 20--- i'd be a gramma in , ummmm.... 25 years. oh gawd-- i'll be old. i'd be, 73!
that actually sucks with our family history. not many in our family tree make it that far. specially with my damn 8 inch thick medical record. oh hell, what am i thinking? if mine has a kid at 20-- id be a gramma in five years. i'd be 48. i was thinkin GREAT gramma. where is my head. on the wedding. that i can't go to. can we say senile?

speaking of senile--- guess what i remembered? the friggin thyroid nodules! i got a notice for my 6 months check up. they asked if i was symptomatic. the lightbulb went off. i was like -- well, i've gained like 20 pounds , and i'm exhausted all the time. is that symptoms? ummmm, yes.
we better get you in in soon. soooo i go in on the 23rd. for thyroid check. maybe they'll biopsy the damn things this time. i wonder if that's my problem.
if it's not one damn thing it's another.

and umm.. no the hubby don't have no dress for you-- i think he may have a blond wig somewhere tho--hahahahaha.

i shall email you my cell numbah...

you want the white one right? LOL-- nevermind. i only have one.
luv me.

SOUL: said...

ps-- remember when my room mate in the barracks in SD asked if you were my mom? -- when you were like 24? hahahahaha
how mortifying.
at least she didn't say gramma huh?
aging really really sucks.

Mary said...

Want a good response to questions like that? "Why do you ask?" In my old age I learned to answer stupid questions with another question.

Thyroid could be a logical cause of your weight gain and lack of energy. Glad to hear you're going to followup.

I had a long visit with the specialist today. Big time tests scheduled for next Monday. Meantime, I'm going back to bed. I'm sleepy.

Cheryl said...

What a senseless question. Stupid. You do NOT look like a grandma.

I bet your thyroid is acting up. I've been on thyroid meds for forever. Too bad they don't just give you an order for bloodwork. The numbers will tell in a day.

Happy H day!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Sometimes I'd just like to slap the crap out of women who pull that garbage. One time my boss took me out to lunch just before I retired. He was about 45 at the time and I was 55. This BITCH waitress came to the table and said "oh did you bring your mom for a lunch date?" Well, if looks could kill, she would have been a pile of ashes on the floor....HE got a big kick out of it....ask me if I was laughing. NOT. Oh she apologized and all that but the damage was done. Later I waited for her in the parking lot and gave her a blanket party. (just kidding about that. bwha hahahaha)

SOUL: said...

mary, you've got me really concerned; please keep me up to date as you find out what's up, ok? what do you know so far . i hate being kept in the dark.
is there anything i can do?
get your rest, take care.. and call if ya feel like it. i know i'm not much of a talker-- but i'm here. i'll do my best if you need me.
big hugs

SOUL: said...

hiya cheryl--
do the thyroid meds have any side effects? seems everything does.
bloodwork might help-- but i think i'm more concerned about the nodules they found before. remember? the way i feel about it-- if there's somethin there-that shouldn't be there-- get rid of it. why wait til i weigh two hundred pounds or get some other "condition"?
why do the dumb ass docs just waste time? that is my question. that has no answer. ever.
happy h day to you too.

come on weekend!

SOUL: said...

haha charlotte-- i could just see you havin a blanket party for such a remark-- i sure was tempted. actually, i think i was more insulted than angry. ugh. old is comin up fast on me. but i guess it always has been. may as well get over it. and she did apologize. i just haven't forgiven her yet. ha. maybe someday.

dani c said...

I'll whoop her ass, just gimme the school's address :)

SOUL: said...

welcome to soul hell dani-- :))
i just bet you would-- ya feel like comin to texas??? haha
happy thursday--

ac said...

That woman needs a smack!

SOUL: said...

yes, ac, she does.
why don't you and dani, and charlotte and i ...give her a blanket party?
it IS the last day of school--- isn't that what the last day of school is for? :))
happy thursday

Angie Weid said...

Eticket came today ... See you Saturday, June 13th about 4pm.

Oh we are going to have so much fun!

The Real Mother Hen said...


If someone calls me grandma, I'll surely use my karate chop to tear the person into bits!!

I've a friend who is 65, has two little kids, I mean, little kids. I don't know how would my friend and the little kids feel? Hhmmm...


The Real Mother Hen said...

Btw, next time wear a pink tutu to her school :)

SOUL: said...

i've missed you!!! you crack me up-- wanna come to texas too???

sorry i haven't been around much. i'm tryin to get back on the ball... seems everytime i get back up there-- i fall right back off again.
i'll be over later-- gotta go clean the fridge so i can get some food in there-- don't want angie to think we're poor or anything. :)) we just hate to shop!!!

guess i better get up before these ole granny bones get locked in the sitting position :))

Brenda said...

I'm already AT the mumus and pink curlers stage. Ain't no goin' back for me. Surely that lady needs glasses!!

Donna said...

HAHAHAHAhahaaaa....OMWord!!! Grannies are SO YOUNG nowadays she probably CAN'T tell the difference anymore!!hughugs

SOUL: said...

hi brenda---
i don't think there's any goin back for me either----
i'm on the downhill slide of aging--- and the snowball effect has grabbed hold!

SOUL: said...

you may be right-- but still.. a fifteen year old grandkid? me? ugh. mortifying. realizing that it's actually mathematically possible-- even worse.

i really wish i drank at times like this :))

but hey guess what--
it's the weekend-- and school's out too--

but wait-- what exactly does that mean? somehow it feels like less freedom for me, rather than more.
what have i been looking forward to all this time? i'm on house arrest for three months. shit!

i haveto go process this

happy friday

EE said...

My kids got out of school on Tuesday.

You do NOT look like a grandma. I hope that lady felt like sh#t the rest of the day. One should never make that assumption...or the assumption that someone is pregnant.