Thursday, October 8, 2009

it's official- i'm sick

mornin peeples , and peeplettes,
hope all's well, and y'alls well where you are...

i did keep my dr. appointment yesterday. i had no choice really. hubby sort of insisted i go, and i will admit , i was a bit concerned that i -- who just about never runs a temp, had been runnin a temp for two days. so, i did go in. i pretty much had all the symptoms that the nyquil commercials ramble off, and a couple more. but no pukin -- or other reversal of other 'things'. :P bleh. you know what i mean. (sorry)
so anyhow. the doc tested me for swine flu. not something they do on everybody -- but due to the immune thing, he did it anyhow (i usually have a woman doc, but she was out for the week-- figures).. so-- thank God, that only took a couple minutes to come back-- NEG :)) -- and then i got a flu shot -- which i never get. but if you recall.. last year i got the flu--- i ended up in addisons crisis-- and had a seizure -- with no explanation. but with a BP of 60 over 40 and dehydration so severe that i couldn't even walk? it's a possibility that was the culprit. so i got stuck and left with rx's and a diagnosis of the wonderful bronchitis. which is something i usually end up having at least once a year -- oddly around this time. if not for the temperature -- i wouldn't have caught it this early -- i'm usually near bedridden before i know i'm sick. so hopefully catching it this early i won't get as sick as i usually do. (knock on wood)

other than that? not much else to report.

both cats are now free to roam, and they love it. they love to sit in the office window, and look out at the world. i spose i will need to get a second litter box until they figure out where to "go" now. i think they may be a little confused for a couple days-- since everything was moved to the master bathroom for the last week or so. ugh. these cats are still gonna kill me. their feet still hurt, so i don't think they'll be attempting to scratch anything yet-- but when they do-- i'll be laughin at em, and posting pix.
i know-- i am mean. but you know i love em. i would have never paid for the surgery if i didn't.

hope you all are healthy and happy in your worlds today

i'll be tryin to make some rounds after i take my child to school-