Friday, September 25, 2009

Guest post from soulkid

I <3 my mom

My mère d'âme (soul mom :p) failed to tell you, to keep herself busy we're going to the movies after school to see Jennifer's body because I love megan fox and I watched their lame No Country For Old Men movie :) plusss my mom is kind of a walking wallet I guess. But she's also a wonderful woman! Gooooodbye :)

the awaited 'good news'

y'all won't believe the latest news on the soulkid front. i'm so proud of my baby.
not sure if i mentioned this-- but one of her classes in school is Theater. she doesn't act. but she works behind the scenes. she does sets, and costumes, and stuff like that.
well... she texted me from school on wednesday to tell me that SHE was chosen as "costume manager!" for the fall play!
-- and ended up havin her phone taken up-- that little mistake cost us 15 bucks-- even though she was talkin to ME... and i had , by then told her twice- to put the phone away!... she got busted texting in class. ugh. but she is just thrilled about it. and i have to say, i am so proud of her i could bust wide open !!! i know some of you remember the hell this whole family has been through this last couple years trying to help her get straightened out, and find a passion --- other than the one that was dragging her to hell.
obviously, she found it.
she is excited about school this year--- she is even passing EVERY class !!! even MATH !!!! when have you heard me say that???

she's shakin it off peeps-- all that poison is leaving her body. she thinks straight-- she FEELS-- and she actually treats us with real respect!!! she even apologized about something to her dad last night--- without me telling her to. all i said was i think some stuff she was saying as a joke was actually bothering him--- she apologized !!!!
y'all, my baby is growin up :))
she's still one of those... whaddaya call em? oh, horrible creatures we call teenage girls.... but she is ranked right up there with the 'normal spoiled brat ones. ' :))
NOT 'most likely to go to prison' ! (anymore.)

i am just beaming with pride over her. she's beautiful. she smiles! not sarcastic for the sake of smiling smiles. she is happy. she is happy with her goals, her accomplishments, and who she is becoming. and most importantly--- who she left behind.

they say in AA/NA -- you only have to change ONE thing. that's 'everything'.
and really she has. playpens and playmates were tough. she held on to only two-- they were the two friends that i knew she wouldn't be able to let go-- but those girls were just 'experimenting with teenage freedom-and made some mistakes.'
the friends she had that i wanted to strangle or get protection orders against? :)) -- she dropped them --- on her own. when we pushed-- she pushed back. when we let her go a little to make her own decision-- in her case, between life and death---- she let the old crowd go.

could this be the same kid i bitched about, cried over, cracked up over, and with no other option, turned completely over to God? folks. she is. and she's turning out just great !

ok. enough bragging on my girl. y'all knew already she'd come around. even when i thought she would never have a chance. she's doin it.

so. as for the other stuff around here? i guess i'm just not gonna feed into it. cheryl mentioned how "they" could control my emotions. ugh. and boy did they yesterday. i was the pity pot queen yesterday. i hate to be that way. so, i reckon i will just try to stay busy today. i also need to try to find some 'replacement' values on my stuff they took. i think that in itself will take half the day. i will have to get new AND used prices. ugh.
but-- once i have that, i will call-- or email the movers, and let them decide if they want to go to court-- or just settle.. without the mess. a settlement would be good. y'all know my social/court phobia. just cut me a check please. thank you. UGH

i still think this whole flippin thing hasn't even sunk in yet. whattabunchaCRAP

well peeps--
on that happy note-- i do hope you all have happy days in your worlds today--
i reckon i'll do what i can.