Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Humpday part Five

Blog much? ummm, sometimes.

ok. well, here i am. again. the plan was to put up some photos of diego garcia after i ate dinner. well, that just aint gonna happen tonight. i am too tired to dig out the pics, scan them, upload them, post them, explain them etc etc etc. it exhausts me to even think about it right now.

i will try to get to it tomorrow, just not sure when it will be. because... i have to have an abdominal ultrasound done in the morning. i might have time to do it before i go though, but i'm not sure.

anyhow, that is part one of the doctor update... i have an abdominal ultrasound tomorrow.
then next tuesday i have the upper GI.. the scope in the belly thing.

ya know... i thank God that we have insurance... i really do. but i just can't help but to bitch right now about all the money this shit still ends up costing us. hell, y'all know me..or most of you do... i feel guilty enough to go get a twenty dollar haircut. so what do i do? i wait until i go mental before i spend the money on a haircut. this medical stuff is gonna kill me before it heals me. just in the last three days... on me alone... i have shelled out over 250.00 to doctors and meds. 162.00 of that was TODAY alone. not counting the rx he gave me that i haven't dropped off yet. and tuesday... i have to give the hospital an unknown amount of money. how crazy is that? i agreed to this, and they didn't even know how much i would have to pay! but they got their share. shit. shit shit shit shit shit! BUT... i have to have it done. this could be serious. most people wait two or three months between a consult and the actual scope...and i'm getting in there in five days. and the ultrasound in ONE day?? i've never seen a doctor move so fast. and i have seen MANY doctors. but..... what am i worrying about... oh crap...i have a bleed...they're rushing me into all these tests...oh crap. NOooooo.... i'm worrying about and pissed off about money.
are my priorities screwed up? am i screwed up? am i just overtired? am i just a bitch?
i don't know what to do. i do know that i can't have my coffee in the morning... nothing to eat or drink after midnight. the appt is at 9. i know i will get an awful headache. i never eat in the morning anyhow, but it kills me to not have coffee. and the same goes for tuesday...that appt is at 9 too. UGH> PLUS... i am not supposed to take ANY asperin etc between now and Tuesday! i will be crippled by tuesday without something for pain! WTF!

so anyhow...
i'm just a bit pissed off at the moment...and very tired...and i started a lot but finished little i am in bed..yes i do know how early it is, but i slept like hell last night, and am hoping to make up for it tonight...
so...i shall cruise some blogs...and then i shall ... hopefully sleep.

well, i've made my rounds and it looks like everyone is done for now

SO.... i reckon i shall get a move on myself.
and what exactly is on my agenda for the day?
hmmm... lots actually.... i need to finish my kitchen. i cleaned it yesterday, but didn't wash the big stuff..pans etc. whatever didn't fit in the dishwasher still awaits dinner dishes. yippee. my most favorite thing. NOT
also..laundry. and lots of it. another of my favorites. suuure.
then, my bedroom. i bought a new comforter set for my bed..but my room looks like hell, and i need to change the sheets etc...before i can put my new bed set on it. so i gotta do all that. hmmm... i have a gastro appointment at 230. i need to go to my PO box..haven't been there in way too long it seems. i probably have late bills sittin in there.
ummmm.... we get paid..well..hubby gets i need to work on my budget, and see if we will have any money left over. i'm hoping for a hair cut, and we want to go see harry potter.... plus, i have all these damn dr bills to pay.. i post dated the check for the last one, and i'm hoping to do the same for todays appt. HOW do i get into these messes? well...perhaps giving my kid 80 bucks the other day had something to do with it this time. grr. i'm too kind. (all mothers to the back of the line).
ok what else do i have to do today...oh... i have to go to auto zone to have my codes read out... my check engine light came on yesterday. and of course i am fearing the worst...due to it getting wet in the flood last week. UGH. i'm just hoping it's an 02 sensor. hubby can change that himself. if my engine is damaged from the water...i'm screwed.
ok...anything else? i'm sure there is, but just thinking of it is making me tired.
guess i'll go start with my laundry and my bedroom. then the wonderful dishes. gag me. then i'll go from there. i reckon.

have good days
i shall return.

another insomnia attacK!!!!!!!!!!

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