Friday, December 5, 2008

nonsensical ramblings from an un-jolly soul :))

href="" target="_blank">I Brake For Sloths Bumper Sticker

i just have to get this.. and the hat i had on here a while ago. i guess santa will be bringin santa her own slothy crap this year.
we went too mental last year on gifts. only cuz we never could before. but all have now been properly notified---

the soul clan is broke-- expect little or nothing from our place. sorry.

speaking of broke---

guess what?
here's some money saving good things that happened to me yesterday!

1- i found my camera !!!!! woo hoo !!!! (yep- it's a senile thing-just like i thought. i hide things from soulkid--or even my own self sometimes-- then never find it/em again. well.. my camera was where i usually keep it-- only, covered up with a buncha junk. the kid was gettin a little too attached to it. know what i mean? but i found it and i am happy. i tend to be a suspicious type-- and did not want to get to the point of doubting any teenagers around here. ya know. i just been robbed too many times. :( but i did good. i just had a feelin i would find it-- and i did. yaaayyy .

2-- i FILLED up my car yesterday @ $1.59 a gallon !! i haven't seen gas that cheap in .. hell, i don't even know. seems just a couple months ago though, it cost over 60.00 to fill er up--- i paid like $21.00 and some change.
you KNOW i was doin the happy dance with my cheap ass self. :))

3-- my child lost her lower-- glued in-- retainer-- for like the umpteenth time... and yesterday she got her new one. it cost 150.00--- i asked if i could pay in january when our "flexible spending account"-- medical banked money card-- kicks in. they said YES! woo hooo.

4- -and that made me happy-- cuz we had a bunch of rx's to fill. between me and soulkid-- it it gettin carazay! even with insurance--- it's just outrageous trying to get or stay healthy anymore. one of hers was 72.00, another was 40.00, one of mine was the Usual copay of 10.00.... BUT---- omg-- i almost stroked out when they told me the chantix i had been bitchin about not havin for the last week, had finally been called in and was ready----- for a mere $112.00. i nearly fell out . BUT, i broke out the ole plastic-- that WAS christmas stash, and paid it. that's a lot of damn money for meds. i am seriously gonna have to drag my ass to dallas-- soon-- and get my meds from there. they won't have the chantix... but i spend at minimum, on a regular basis, every month--just for me and all my stupid ailments.. $10,4,10,40,10,70, 10, 10,10,-- so that adds up to ??? = OMG .. $174.00 ! each month. how STUPID that i pay that out of pocket... when i could get ALL of them except for 2 of the ten dollar ones, FREE from the veterans hospital. (because they are all service connected.) ugh. i COULD be payin... 20 a month for the migraine med.. cuz the VA doesn't carry it-- even tho migraines are SC. and then the hydrocortisone (steroids).. cuz they won't SC the addisons' . which i think is BS-- i think that's what started my entire downfall. but anyhow--- that was a whole lotta nuthin about a whole lota nuthin. but-- good to know i could-- and saving 150 a month on freakin meds.
IF ONLY i would carry my traffic phobed self to dallas!!! oh how i do not wanna. but i must.grrrrr.
why didn't i add that crap up a year ago? i don't want to see their doctors-- i want to keep my own dr's , but once the VA knows what i take-- they'll give it to me-- and usually 6 months worth-- well one month at a time of course. but still. that adds up. i spose i best be gettin on the phone huh?

hmmmm... anything else? i'm thinkin not. looks like i have money on the brain today. not my favorite kinda days. good motivation for cleaning though. stress is a good motivator for me. well, sometimes it is. other times it lays me out. but lately it has been working to my advantage. y'all should see my house. those who "know" me would be proud :)) i know i am.

i also HAVE to get a freakin haircut. my gawd, if i don't i'm just gonna break down and let soulkid cut it! she does her friends, and hasn't butchered anybody yet. she's actually pretty good. i'm just weird about my hair, and who cuts it. i know, you couldn't tell by lookin, but that's cuz-- for some reason, even tho i have the simplest of haircuts--- nobody can do it right. ugh.
that would be why i look like cousin IT right now-- with mousy brown yukky hair. i just gotta get it cut. once it's cut-- hubby will frost it for me. i hope. well, he better, or i will just go pay for it-- and he will wish he did. bwa hahahahahaha.

ok-- i better get up off my laze, and get this day goin.
it's garbage day, and cleanin the fridge is on my list-- woo hoo !!! one of my hated chores-- in case you didn't know.

happy trails my friends....
i'll be around later on, and try to catch up.
well, unless i can talk someone into goin to see a movie. i don't even know what's out-- do you???

oh first----
what's worse than fallin asleep cruisin blogs?
fallin asleep chatting with someone on yahoo-- that's what-- and not just once-- like four times !!! ugh. now, that is patience! (on her part)
haha. and embarrassing -(on mine)

laterz peeps-

oh btw ===

anybody christmas shopping yet?
i'm only thinkin about it so far.
tree goes up this weekend (it's still in storage.)
i'll put my snowbabies out today tho--- maybe that will help de-scrooge me????
yep suuuure. maybe in another life. but i can try. i am demanding happiness from myself AND others this christmas!

ok-- i gotsta get goin.. late now-- oops.

happy days to y'all