Monday, May 11, 2009

it's monday again --

it is also raining again. why am i not surprised???

anyhow -- i hope everyone had a great mothers day-- mine was good. i spent it fat, dumb , and happy.

plans for today? i get to enjoy a thrilling ride to dallas -- in rush hour traffic. i am so excited i could pee myself!!!
yep -- back to the VA. and i knew nothing about this appointment until friday. maybe thursday, but i'm pretty sure it was friday-- at the end of the day. so i didn't have any way to find out exactly what it was for, but i'm sure it is about the ultrasound i had there last week. one dead give-away?? well, it's at the womens clinic. so, yep. not feelin to secure about this. it was a machine that called me, so obviously i had no way to ask any questions. guess i'll just show up and see what they have to say.
i've been pretty good about not over-researching, or blabbing to everyone--- well, unless you count blogging-- everyone. but here, i just write. sometimes to y'all sometimes it's just documentation , ya know? but anyhow-- unlike last time-- i haven't pulled the hubbys side of the family into it, or made a big deal of how i'm gonna die.. cuz honestly i don't feel it's that critical. hubby really is the only one i have talked to about it. and even that was minimal. it's more of a wait and see type thing. of course, it makes me wonder-- last time i thought it was bad-- and it was ok. this time i don't feel "as" worried, so it just makes me wonder ya know. never can tell with me. i'm one of those folks who trucks right along-- then has some unheard of medical symptom or crisis jump up and bite me. but for now-- still trying to be ok with it-- and just wait to see what they say. i should know in a couple hours-- cuz as i type this -- it is time to head out the door.

well i had more to say-- and it wasn't so down trodden... but i am outta time.

so-- i reckon i will write more when i get back. surely about how i was abused and mistreated at the VA.. and the road rage events of the day. :))

hope you all have happy days in your worlds -- i'm gonna try --