Tuesday, September 22, 2009

or so they say --

at least that's what i've heard.
i did survive yesterday's medical stuff . as the initial meds from the hospital wore off, the pain that i really thought i would not have-- well, it came in hard as fast. we dropped off my rx's on the way home, and the way i was feeling i wasn't worried about waiting the few hours we had to wait before soulkid would be gettin out of school. well, that didn't last very long. after a couple hours the meds wore off, and i was hurtin. i had a couple muscle relaxers left from my previous rx-- so i took one... half an hour later? nothin. i took the other one--- again ? nothin. finally i asked soulman if he would go pick up the pain rx. no prob he said. he went up there, next thing i know--- he calls and the damn insurance company is havin a fit. they want to make me wait a week--- cuz they didn't kow that after my last trip to the doc, when i got the shots, i didn't react well, and the dr. authorized me to take a higher dose-- so of course , i was out in three weeks rather than four. ugh. soulman had to go through such a big hassle-- even after over half an hour there at the pharmacy with the phone calls and back and forth crap-- ended up, comin home, i called my dr office, they called the pharmacy, he had to go back out finally-- pay cash--- drop the meds off-- then go right back out to pick up the child at school. ugh. insurance are such idiots. even though they were authorized--- told my dose was raised-- they still refused to fill it til the 28th. ummm.... NO. so anyhow that was all settled, the kid got home, soulman made a really yummy dinner.

AND my darling DR House premiered !!! i have to say though-- i was a bit irritated at how they sort of glamorized the psyche ward. anyone who has ever visited one of those delightful places , knows that everything they prtrayed about it was WRONG.
but-- i was thrilled to see my show back on.

next week "Lie to me" starts. i love that show too.

and hells kitchen and survivor are already goin.

american idol will be startin soon--- but i have a feelin that i may be at the end of the road with that one. too many changes. just not sure yet. i won't know til i see it.

ok, what else? i was gonna talk about somethin else--- do i remember? ummm, no. dammit.

well, while i'm thinkin about it-- i never told you that sushi came through her spay perfectly fine. no probs-- no friggin kennel cough.
our last min-pin, before her-- who died.. not from a spay... but we tried to save money-- it was maybe 40 -50 dollars less at the el cheapo clinic. they herded these poor animals - cats and dogs , through like cattle goin to slaughter. she had kennel cough for over a year--- it was horrible for her-- and us. poor little thing. and she was verry little . she only weighed 4 lbs. sushi at least is a mutant-- and strong enough to fight off colds and things. chicklet just couldn't. so-- we swore-- no more el cheapo shit for our babies. it's just not worth it to try to save a few dollars, then let the poor cat or dog suffer so much.

anyhow--- next on the chopping block is spot. she goes in on the 28th???? i think. for her de-claw. and yes-- i will put pix up. oh-- speak of the little bitch now-- i hear her scratchin on my office chair now. ugh. this next week won't pass quick enough.
yep-- i am worried about my kitties. but at the same time , i'm not. i trust our vet, and i'm sure the kitties will be fine. they said the thing that bothers the cats most is the bandages.... i think it just might be video worthy for the blog--- crazy cats tryin to get their bandages off. also of them attempting to be destructive--yet failing.

anyhow-- i'm pretty scatterbrained--- no idea what i was planning on saying-- so take what ya got-- and i'll be around another time.

happy day in your world today--
laterz y'all