Tuesday, April 3, 2007

here fishy fishy

here is a bass my hubby caught yesterday. well, i think it was yesterday, it may have been the day before. but anyhow. not bad eh? no, he didn't keep it. he just kept him long enough for the photo shoot. we "catch and release". (bass anyways...we keep catfish, etc, but we mostly bass fish...so we don't keep many fish...obviously.)

so anyhow...this is a kind of BLAH day. i think i'm just runnin out of gas. this not sleeping is really getting to me. don't know what to do about it though. but, man i tell ya. i look like shit. oh well. someone else take a nap for me?


David Usher - My Way Out


so, that means that you are stuck with me for a while. i've been layin here for 2 hours...and nuthin! my mind just spins around in circles...goin nowhere. i go to you tube, and watch videos, travel thru blogs, smoke, think, but...do i get tired? even after 3mg of xanax? NO. too late now to take another one...i won't wake up to get my girl up for school. so i'm just better off just staying up and listening to music i guess.
well...i did tell you that i would let you know if i accomplished anything today...well, believe it or not, i actually did! i cleaned my entire kitchen, and washed all my dishes...to include almost every pot , pan, and skillet that i own..even my dang crockpot...and Lord knows i hate washing crock pots! that goes back to child hood. ugh. but ya, all my dishes are clean. and i ended up finding A LOT more laundry than i even imagined i had...stupid me...looked under my childs bed..and in her closet...i was looking for my radio...but instead, i found about THREE more loads of laundry...to include at least seven towels and two sets of sheets. oh i despise laundry. and dishes. but both are pretty close to done. maybe one more load of laundry to fins tomorrow. oh, and i swept and vacuumed my nasty floors. and...get this....hubby mowed the yards...and i didn't even have to ask!!!!! they look sooooo much better. i love it when he does stuff like that without me getting to the point of asking. i don't know what else i did, but i was busy allll day. and tired...but can i sleep...hell no. and i know it doesn't matter if it's it 1 or 3 by the time i fall asleep i'll be up at 4 or 5 regardless. man . i need a vacation. but it wouldn't matter...i can't sleep on vacation either, but at least i have different stuff to look at.
oh well...i just realized that it is hotter than hell in here, perhaps that has something to do with why i can't sleep. i'm gonna turn the air down, then post a video i found. i like it. maybe you will too. of course the video will be posted above this post because this thing is backwards. i wish it would go in the order ya put stuff on here, instead of opposite. oh well.
toodles :))