Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a day in the life of a merry -- ummm-- boring -- ole soul

ola peoples-

(UPDATE--- PT APPOINTMENT IS SCHEDULED FOR 7-18/FRIDAY-2:45--- i'll let ya know if they kill me or not :))

it's just after 6 a.m, i have been awake since 2:30 a.m.
i would like to know why .
but really, i suppose it doesn't make a difference, whether i know or not does it.
i'm still awake. pretty close to every day , at about this time anyhow.
sometimes a little later. if i'm lucky.

but i guess i was pretty used to it once upon a time, guess i should just accept it again.
and maybe try to make good use of the time.
suuure. i'll get right on that.
i still manage to sit on my ass til 10 most days, and even then i don't accomplish crap.
i think i need to call someone to put a stop to this pity party.

but anyhow--
as for yesterdays doc update?
he suggested physical therapy-
for migraines-
which i have nearly daily.
yes i know...
i never heard of that either...
but i agreed to give it a try--
because , it is a pain that i do not relish.

rather than suffer--
lay in bed for hours-
or just plain be a bitch-

and apparently-
it's called head traction-
and looks something like this:

or maybe this---

whichever it is--
it could include massage as well...
on my neck, and head too--
and either or will hopefully,
reduce the neck pain AND the migraines.
but i won't know, til i go.
and even though it looks somewhat painful-
i'm hoping the result will be less pain.

hope is good.

anyhow-- that's about it in this exciting world o' mine today.
still runnin like six weeks behind in just about everything around here.
perhaps i can change at least a little of that today.

happy tuesday folks...