Wednesday, November 13, 2013

sleepin with the fishes

hi folks -- how are y'all doin?
i am hoping that i figured out this google reader - ticker thing -- this is my test post. 

i was just tryin to figure out my settings and came across a several year old photo album ... here is a pic i found --- it is so OLD :))

i still remember trying to take that picture --- that fish was huge.  that was one of the first pictures of me fishin that i tried to take of myself.  it was not easy.  as you can see - he was as big as my whole upper body . that's why i laid on the ground -- trying to get him and me in the pic together.  it didn't work out too well.  but it was fun. 

i wonder what people thought watching me try to take that picture... i tried many times to get it right. :))

i also was wondering a few minutes ago, what would puppies look like if Chewie and Tuco had babies. LOL .. so we (me and Danielle Googled it -- a Malenois, Cane Corso Mix -- we actually found one .... it seems to look somewhat like i imagined ... a dog with issues....  you wonder why we were wondering?  because we let our guards down this morning, and those two got a little too close for comfort -- it is a possibility BUT i sure hope NOT... but if it happened -- this is what we could end up with  :))

let's hope they didn't get as close as we think they did  :0

i found some more pics - but don't have time to explain em ... so i leave you to figure em out :))  or maybe you remember em?  :))

oh yeh .. and just so ya know ---  i DID make a phone call today ---  i feel better about things --- there was a comment left about 'babies' .. i couldn't go another minute after that.  i planned on calling... but that was a true fire under my ass.

ore vois  :))