Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13TH Y'all

i hope y'all have better plans for the night than we do here.  do ya?  tell me about em k?
all that's happenin around the soul crib tonight is watchin the boob-tube , and scarfin down some of soulmans sushi - to go that he's bringin home.  i had a late lunch/early dinner' with soulkid earlier .
no. it was no good.  fish from a burger joint is only not natural.  it shouldn't be trusted.  it was awful.  no alternative tho.  i ate it, and questioned it later.  huge mistake.

anyhow.  soulkid has a friend here for the night - they are out , then tomorrow we are gonna go bum around in austin and school shop.  they will make sure that i am dead before we make it home on sunday.  so my plan is, that if i am able i will use facebook on my phone to keep in touch with y'all, but if for some reason that fails to work out - or if i die prematurely; i will contact the authorities -- or someone here when i return.  :))

love you guys -
hugs and kisses

Don't fear - I'm still here. (sorta )

hello peoples, and peoplettes :))  i'm finally able to post here - but it seems a little late for that.  it was a huge surprise when i just realized i was actually posting, when i didn't think i'd be able to.  just figured i'd give it a shot.  i wondered if anyone was lookin for me?  i contacted as many folks (readers and blog friends - (or real friends who read here :))   but that still left several of y'all who i don't know how to get a hold of  me out there - who just may wonder if i kicked the bucket or somethin.

nope.  just decided to make a move.  hoping for less computer and blog issues.  i'm still havin some issues, but it seems i can find my way thru the rough spots and manage alright at the new place.

if anyone wants to swing by and see me -- or anyone you may follow from here that ya just want to keep up with-- swing on by and have a look at the place.  obviously, i'm still workin on it.  it's just a baby at this point.  someday it'll take on the old comfy dive coffee shop feel again.

anyhow -- hope to see y'all over there.  while you're here could ya clean up a little?  i'd hate to see the place get too run down.  :))

see y'all soon.

until then,  ore vois - happy trails --  and be happy in your worlds -- today and every day !