Saturday, January 16, 2010

out with the old- in with the new

howdy folks---
wouldn't ya know it? my first post on a "new" blog, is gonna misbehave already. it really is "cuz i am me". you'll learn to know that is true about me. i have worst luck than 'Shleprock", from the Flintstones. (ions ago.) i sometimes compare myself to him, or even, at times - "Ziggy".
yes, i know - that ages me, doesn't it? that's ok. age is a state of mind. that's how i see it. unfortunately-- for me... my state of mind? puts me about twice the age i really am.
luckily-- i don't look as bad as i feel. well, most of the time.

anyhow, for those who don't already know, or haven't figured it out by now, who i am,
you will come to find that all of the above statements are true-- and also that everything i write on these pages from here forward are and will be true. i find no need to lie about dumb shit to portray a person who i am not.
i cuss, i get angry, i get happy, i get sad, i go from one extreme to another with my moods and emotions, and i don't try to hide or sugar coat that from or for anyone who may read this. if you can't handle what i say, or write -- you are free to leave.
i only ask that you don't fill my head with crap-- because you feel sorry for me. i don't need pity. i give honesty-- i expect honesty in return.
if you can't be honest with me-- you don't belong here.
head games are for children.
or myspace and facebook. i don't have accounts on either of those for that reason.

my main pet peeve , as far as the words that i write here? i don't steal words from your pages-- don't get so desperate that you need to steal words, phrases or ideas from mine. if a person cannot be original in their own mind-- perhaps they need to get a life, and have some experiences of their own in which to develop their own imagination.
imitation perhaps may be the greatest form of flattery-- plagiarism -- merely pisses me off.

lack of response to what i have to say, along with folks reading my blog only to take my words and ideas, is why i shut my original blog down. although it was quite successful, even til the end. to my surprise. i don't think anyone ever thought i would close her down. it was just 'time' though.

writing is something that comes naturally to me. sometimes i feel if i didn't write, at least something every day-- my head would explode. or maybe my soul would. writing is my form of release- relaxation. it's what i do. and i do it well. at least i think so.

i know i don't write grammatically correct. that is not because i don't know how. it is because i choose not to. i write the way that i talk. i am an intelligent, and creative woman. i am also real, to myself and others. if you are here to critique my grammar or syntax, i prefer you find someone else to 'help'. i obviously don't need your advice in that area. i butcher the english language by choice. not out of ignorance.

also, i'm not trying to 'hide' from anybody by starting this blog. although, i do have a new 'blog identity", and obviously, a new title for said blog. tada-- as if you couldn't tell, right? do ya like it? (it's from the rod stewart song-- in case ya didn't know)
just a nice memory i have-- maybe i'll share the story someday.

so yeh, anyhow-- it was simply time to move on. or maybe out.

so - today is moving day.

how do ya like the place?

personally, i don't like change. but, sometimes, change can be good.
and for me, at this point in time? it's either change, and move on.... or hide in my bedroom for a month. that would be too easy to do right now-- if not for damn responsibilities of the real world.

see-- things change. the irritating underlining is gone. that could be a good thing.

welcome to my blog.
new or old peeps---

you are bustin into God knows what-- every day is mystery with me.
as you will soon learn.
my world is kinda like forrest gump and his chocolates--
ya never know what you're gonna get. :))

y'all have happy days in your worlds today--
i'll do my best in mine-