Monday, September 15, 2008

monday mumbles

lately THIS is me-

thinking about everything-- EXCEPT
what matters-
and so much so- it just makes my head hurt-

a week or so ago , i was ready to run away from home. again.
i felt like i had no other option to preserve my sanity.
or, what was left of it.
then someone that i love, more than anyone on this earth found themself in a crisis.
or six.
and i realized, that i could not leave that person.
or if i even tried, it would only make me go crazy.
and possibly them as well.

then i saw this pic- or quote-
and really-
it confirmed it.

and i realized, i couldn't ever leave this person. or their problems.
i couldn't pretend that what was happening wasn't happening.
because it was happening. and it was so very "in your face."
i couldn't run, i couldn't hide, and i had no idea how to fix it.
so i did the next best best thing.
i tried.
me and soulman did all that we knew how to do,
and we tried to fix the problem.
did we fix it?
who knows.
it's still in process.
it's no quick fix, that's for sure.
this one will most definitely take some time .
but we do have a foot in the door.
and i have a feeling that it's the right door.

at least i hope so.
well, WE hope so.

i know y'all love it when i go cryptic on ya.
i hope it's better than nothing at all tho.

well peeps-- i need to get going...
i'll be around later on...

i hope y'all are are doin well in your worlds.