Monday, January 14, 2008

monday mumbles

ya wanna see somethin really weird? hubby and i went fishin yesterday mornin... i didn't catch anything.... well , cept a "red bull" buzz. and afterwards , a red bull crash. will i ever learn? doubtful. cuz i just love those things.
but anyhow... as usually, i only fished for less than an hour... hard to believe that only last summer i was fishing for 2-3 or 4 hours at a time, and now i am lucky to make it an hour. but oh well. maybe when it warms up, i shall bring a chair. but for now, it's not so terrible cuz it is still kinda cold so it doesn't kill me to leave early.

anyhow-- back to my story---

i didn't catch any fish--- but soulman did get one. the weather really is messin around with the fish. but he got one yesterday--- and when he looked in his mouth to take the hook out--- look what he saw...... ( it is kinda blurry, but it is a fish tail!) -- it was kinda cool to see that, but i did wonder if he was ever gonna fully swallow that thing or choke to death on it. and why would he try to eat hubbys bait.. with a fish in his throat!? weird.

anyhow--- it looks sort of like a shadow-- but it is a fish.
it seems almost a too big fish - for this fish to be eating.
but he did.

anyhow, in further soul news ... pretty much nada. we fished, i napped, i went to wally hell in the eve because i again forgot to take meat out of the freezer-- but refused to get restaurant (why can i NEVER spell that damn word? never? if not for spell check.. i would be screwed)... anyhow i did not want to order in or go out again.. so i went to wally hell, for a cooked chicken and misc crap we needed... along with some hair color.
hubby finally said he would do my hair-- after i threatened to pull a brittany and shave my head. so i got hair color too. apparently--- not the right kind. because... the frosted streaks... they are orange! not a bright, punk orange.. thank God... but orange. ugh. he said he would do it again today. this hair of mine is about to kill me. or make me kill. i hate this brown moppy mess on my head. ERG. for months, it just keeps on gettin darker, and messier, and more awful. and depressing. i could break every mirror in this place to avoid lookin at it.
i used to have naturally blonde light nice lookin hair--- WTH happened to me?
nevermind... i know. this is what happens when a head is deprived of sun.
summer where are you??? i cannot stand this winter cold BS. april just will not be here soon enough. i really really need another 74 degree day. but i hear we have a freakin "Polar Blast" on the way.

ok.. well that would be about all i have to say for now, as my coffee is cold and i have a cramp in my ass. so i spose i shall get UP and get some coffee, put my whining dog out, and re-coffee myself.