Wednesday, July 8, 2009

gotta go beat the the heat -

just a quick check in post -- at sophies request. can't let her day be without sunshine. altho, she can take some of ours. good lawd it's hot.

anyhow. i have lotsa runnin around i need to do today, and i sure don't wanna wait til it's 100 degrees to do it. so i'm gonna hit the road while i can at least touch the steering wheel.

after that? it's packin and cleanin for this ole gal. the kitchen is almost packed. hubby did most of it. i need to pack my roosters and nik naks, etc...and the big stuff.

if anyone around here needs a stove or a microwave we aint movin em.. they'll be goin cheap! (the stove has spent more time stored than used btw)

anyhow-- i obviously don't and haven't had much to say lately. the house stuff.. and other stuff.. is time consuming. after the move i'll prolly be around more.

speaking of the house-- it appraised above what we're payin for it-- so hopefully the rest will slide on through-- but it's still a lot of hurry up and wait. we need this or that-- so it takes time to find what they want-- then for them to do what they do-- then wait some more. and that's where we're at right now... waitin again.
will let ya know when we hear somethin solid.

happy humpday folks.