Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new baby , and a migraine -

sounds like party time to me !
more like bed time.  yep that's where i'm headin.  me and my headache.  i've been tryin to get a post up here for days though, but it just happened yet.  so here's a quick howdy to y'all, and hopefully i will get a chance tomorrow to fill in some blanks for ya.  it's been real busy around here lately, so if i'm not runnin around, i'm tryin to stay warm.  it's been freezin out here.  burrr

so yeh, there's a new member of the soul clan.  i am in love :))

isn't she purty?  i fit so much better in it.  it has built in GPS.  extra room for my fishin rods and stuff, and it's fun to drive!  i don't have to strain my neck to try to see out of it - or behind me.  it's better in a dozen ways than the toyota. 

that's all i can say for now -- my head is about to blow off my shoulders -- not fun.

catch you peeps tomorrow - maybe

i hope all is well in your worlds - ok here - just busy-