Friday, August 29, 2008

just a qwikee for now

ever feel like that?
like you're playin tug-o-war with your life, and priorities?
well, i do--- for like the last three months.
but, i'm in the lead now-- or at least i think i am.
so i guess i'm feelin a bit pit bully for the moment.
hopefully i can keep this feeling, and stay in the lead, and finish all my crap--
that way-- next week-- and from there on.. (snicker) will merely be maintenance-- and no longer catch-up.
cuz catch - up kicks my ass. it seems it just never happens... cuz ya have catch-up-- and maintenance, right on top of the other... and it's just HARD. and makes for some very very long and painful awful, and tiring days.

---- if ya didn't see it in the comments below-- last night-- i was answerin comments ... it was before 9 pm even..i think.. and i passed out online-- with a burning cig-- i woke up to hubby takin my picture !!! OMG-- how embarrassing. he was NONE too happy with me. i have been fallin asleep while smoking a lot lately--over the passed month or so--- and i already feel bad enough about that-- but he scolds me for it-- and i know that when im tired-- or especially in bed-- it is not a thing that i should be doing---- but i do it anyhow. so to wake up to him takin a damn picture to use as evidence to scold me with-- i felt like a child-- gettin cold busted doin somethin really bad wrong. i tried to accept my scolding-- but i think i got a little defensive--
anyhow-- forget the fear of laptop strangulation--- i really really gotta STOP -- once again-- takin the laptop to bed... lest i not only kill myself-- but the entire family this go round.
blogging, catchin up with my peeps etc.. is just gonna have to wait-- til i am caught up with my life-- it isn't gonna take much longer.
it really does look like the end of the weekend that i will be caught up enough to have some kind of normal routine or schedule. PHEW-- i can't wait for that !

so anyhow--- i have time to hit one or two pages-- then i have to go run a few errands-- but then i will return.. and i will flutter between chores and blogs today-- and i may even steal a nap today--- or not.
we will see.

but i did get a whole lot done yesterday-- and damn near killed myself doin it. but it is finally done. i put in about a twelve hour day--if not 14-- and it's been like that ALL friggin week. i can't wait to be done. and stay ahead. if that's possible. tell me it's possible.

happy friday everyone!!!!