Wednesday, April 28, 2010

humpday happenins -- PLUS 'UP-DATE'

so. what's goin on in your worlds today?

not a whole lot yet in mine. seein as it's only 8:30 in the mornin. i'm actually thinkin about goin back to bed to be honest. i'm tryin hard not to give into that idea though. no. more leanin towards gettin in the shower, reviving my tired - up at 4 a.m. self, and gettin some work done around here today. i haven't been doin too awful bad in that area lately, but still below my standards, and still not as much as i hope to accomplish every day. i've just not been feelin good lately. kinda feeling like i'm carrying twenty pounds of extra weight on each leg or somethin. weird feelin. and hard to explain.
ya know, the day i was supposed to go have the steroid injections in my back was the day soul-land caved in a few weeks ago--- so the first thing to do that day, was to cancel that appointment... and now that we're kinda penny-less.. that just won't be happenin any time soon. in fact, it's on the very back burner for now. i'd rather limp on vacation, than lay in bed at home, ya know.

so. anyhow. on a happier note? the dumb-ass school finally called yesterday !!! good lawd. man i tell ya. we were all three about ready to jump offa bridge. life has been so weird lately with soulkid out of school. everyone's routine has been thrown totally off track.. then with so many other things goin on - it's all just been a wild ride for over a month and a half. but yes. they called soulman yesterday, and said TUESDAY we have her 'interview, then wednesday she STARTS back to class !!! this sounds like a real good school, and it also sounds like she can be able to make up the lost time and grades in no time. IF she applies herself-- and she HAS to-- and is willing, and smart enough to. PLUS if she doesn't? she WILL bbe tossed out on her keister-- no questions asked. they don't mess around at this place. if the kids don't keep up their grades and keep their attitudes in check? plus keep their attendance up? they are gone. and obviously-- she has realized... home is not a better place to be. she misses school. she realizes what a mistake she made in opting the greener grass thing. of course, no one had any idea how hard it would be to get back into school, once she got out. and now-- in just the weeks she's been out-- her entire life has changed, in several ways. perhaps she will listen to the older and wiser parents next time?
(knock on wood)

aaaaahhh.. folks been askin bout my birthday plans. well, i'm not real sure. so many things have been 'discussed'. soulman, and soulkid want to take me to see 'Train' in concert. i am however bein kinda stubborn about it. i almost caved. ok , i did cave a few days ago. after a bit of complaining about the cost-- and the fact that it would have to go on a credit card. 3 tickets -- just us-- and a motel, so i wouldn't have to make the 2 hour drive , both ways, plus the sitting straight up for the length of the show.. however long that would be. (it hurts me to even sit at a desk for even 20-30 minutes.) not to mention in the car that long etc.
so-- he had me convinced i'd survive-- and i'd like it. i was still cringing at the thought of all that money-- plus of course the meal they would want to take me to. ugh-- after the fridge and all the other stuff this month? but i did say ok. finally.
but--- a couple days passed, when he mentioned he was waiting for my 'paycheck' to come in-- today - to get the tickets. well , at that time i 'thought' i had convinced him-- again-- to NOT get the tickets. just take me fishin on the boat , and detail and wash my car. well... sounded like he was gonna agree to that. he knows how nervous i get when the funds get low-- especially as low as they are now-- not near as bad as yesterday -- plus he gets paid friday -- and more comes that day too-- so everything will level out by the first. actually friday. anyhow-- like i said-- i thought i was just gona have a clean sparkly car, and fish on the boat-- until--- i heard soulkid tryin to make plans for the weekend-- and then him tellin her somethin about my birthday and whisperin and friday and code and shhh and this and that. soooo--- i'm thinkin they're still thinkin about takin me to the concert. hmmm. sneaky lil devils.
so-- i don't know what to tell ya. guess i'll tell ya when i actually know what i'm doin.
until then. all i know is i'm gettin older. and i'd be happy if i could just give away my birthday for my birthday :))

did anybody have a mental attack on any of your birthdays? i hear thirty is hard for some folks. i cried when i turned 40. no idea why, but that was the number for me.
how bout you?

anyhow-- i hope to get a burst of energy... i want to be productive today. but again, i got up at 4... and i have already done my checkbook-- which finally matched to the penny !!! go me. and paid some bills :)) again.. go me. so, don't i have a right to a lil nap? or should i just bite the bullet and do more work? yeh you're right. a nap sounds mighty good. thanks. :))
happy day to you in your worlds peeps....
i'll catchya latah---

oh ps-- if anyone is wonderin-- my sis made it home safe and sound-- her internet should be hooked up in a couple hours i think. but yep-- she;s good , home, and says howdy -

WELL, leave it me to be totally wrong -
i didn't cry on my 40th birthday afterall. apparently is was the big 42.
yeh, i decided to take a look back in time, and see if i had any other birthday posts. for whatever reason i didn't post last year. musta been crappy or somethin. i sure don't remember. maybe someone else does? but anyhow-- i did find this post from 2008, which would be my 42ND b-day. seems like that was the one that i cried on. hmmm. so senile i don't even remember my birthday that made me cry. i'm just too weird sometimes. i can't even cry on the right birthday :)) sure did think it was 40. maybe i cried that year too. who knows. i didn't blog til my 41st. that one seemed like a good one :))

oh hell. anyhow-- no tears this time around. i can tell ya that much. every year i'm standin on my own two feet, i'm grateful. and havin y'all to call my peeps? that's pretty cool too.

be good my friends... someone has to be :))