Sunday, October 5, 2008

i swear i just get dumber by the day

yes , it's true. and here i am. so. lemmee tell you about the last day or so. yep, i lost track. seems to happen, on occasion.

anyhow-- anyone who's read a few days back knows i've had bronchitis for over a week...almost two weeks now.
i spose y'all would also know my kid has been in a bind, and in some trouble lately too.

well.. i guess it was friday night.. same day i had my follow up at the dr. for the bronchitis. which was trying to clear up, but i still felt like hell. she gave me different antibiotics, and prednisone-- ooh boy--- my family is really gonna love me on a few days== PMS AND roid rage ! woo hoo!! (let's not forget i already take a different steroid for addisons.. so i will surely be quite the bitch... as if i'm not naturally bitchy enough as it is. )

so anyhow. soulkid, on top of being hospitalized, and grounded and all sorts of crap-- we decided to cut her some slack and let her hang out --or well, let a couple friends, hang out with her. so we took them to the mall, while we ate dinner.. then brought them all back here for the night. of course they had fun.. but it was a big mistake on our part. i was unable to sleep. at all. not one second. hubby was up til about 2 ish. we were just nervous that they would sneak out--or make trouble...again. so even though i loaded up on my sleep meds.. i was wide awake all night long.

so , i somehow managed to kill the entire night --and part of the morning-- online, and doin other stupid stuff. then sometime in the morning, i got the bright idea to sort tackle. OMG , one of these days i'll have to take aq picture of my tackle. it's just stupid. for the little pond? yep-- it's overkill. so-- what i thought might take an hour -- ended up taking like three hours... then i went fishin. by then it was aLready almost noon! i was so tired i was blind. but, i still, forced myself to go. thinkin the fresh air would do me good.

well, i don't think it did. i fished about an hour and a half or so-- got one bite and missed it. it was almost 90 degrees, i was hot and tired and sick, and blah. i could have laid on the grass and gone to sleep. good lord i was tiahd.

but i made it home, and went pretty much right to bed, after a quick run scan thru here. and my email. looks like i posted here at 3-- i woke up this morning at 130 !!! i woke up many times between 11 and 130--- but still. that is like the longest i have slept in .. .. i don't know, but a LONG time. and i coughed my heart out half the night. i guess layin down so long allowed me to collect all the crap back into my lungs. ugh. i woke up in such pain i can't even tell you. i guess it might compare to bein beat with a baseball bat about the back and head??? perhaps? seriously. i feel like hammered dog shit.

AND to top it off? i was sittin here havin my first cup of coffee and cigarette, trying to collect my thoughts and figure out wth had happened over thee last few days. i really did lose track of time-- and i still have three kids here. :))
but then , i realized something.... somethin really really sucky.
and stupid.
very stupid.

y'all remeber how i was (we were) sposed to go to vegas to meet jamie and her fam??? and, how we cancelled etc?
well, guess what????
i did cancel mine and hubby's plane tickets and hotel... but guess what i FORGOT to do?? that yesterday while sleeping my life away was my last chance to do???? i forgot to cancel my nephew....slash soul kid-sitter-- s - $333..00 plane ticket !!!!!

yep $ 333.97 i believe
now do you see it aint lucky???
if he doesn't wake up today and decide to visit regardless of us being here or away-- well, we're out, not only that 333.00 but also the 300 .00 it cost to cancel mine and hubbys'.

can we say owwwwwch!!???

how bout STOOPID!!!???

ok, well that's enough for now. i'm roasting, and out of coffee. just wait til the roids kick in. LOL
if i go missing--- check the lake! hubby may throw me overboard!

have happy days today--