Friday, July 27, 2007

i'm back..for a sec...

was just takin a break... I just dropped my babies off at the kennel. awww. it's horrible to leave them at those places. i always worry about them. especially midnight. she could kick the bucket any day, and i don't want that to happen and me not be there.
now i just need to finish dishes, vac the floor, clean out my car...load the car...and we are outta heah!

ok.. anyhow..i was just checkin to see if anyone had anything to say, but either y'all are busy ...or ya thought i was already gone.

anyhow.. i was wrong..we will be back sunday night, not monday night... so will c ya then.


i KNOW I am working...BUT

i just jumped on to see if anyone was talkin to me. :) it's an addiction...or obsession. haven't figured out which yet.
but anyhow...i came across this post. i just love to read marks writing. go check this one out.
ok..i'm outta here..still packin. YES...i too wait to the very last second to do such tedious tasks! bad me.

The Naked Soul "The Magic Of Life"