Saturday, August 9, 2008

did someone ask for fish pix ??

Brad picked a good day to ask for fish pix -
we went out on the lake this mornin -
and i didn't do too bad this time -

that's the only two i got,
but they were good ones.

hubby got one a little smaller -
but he also got like 9 little ones.

it was fun.
but very hot.

i accomplished nuthing else on my list-
but took a long nap-

how 'bout you?

if the early bird gets the worm, what's the early me get?

i know it isn't monday,
but it really just kinda feels like it right now.

i hope yall have a great saturday though!

my plans today shall include:

visiting y'all,
paying bills,
fixing bank messes-yep 2 now.
one bank-one credit card-
one mine fault, but an accident-
and-- one NOT my fault at all-
fishin on the lake
not necessarily in that order-

how bout yours??


i slept like crap again last night-
up at like 3 or so--again-
this crap is gonna kill me...
or make me crazy one.

have happy days--then come tell me about it!