Sunday, September 20, 2009

"they're gonna laugh at you !!!! " OOPS ! and 'Saturdays' photo challenge :))

(y'all remember this lovely scene dontchya?)
from 'Carrie' the mom telling Carrie if she went to the prom?
"They're gonna laugh at you !!"

well anyhow --- i have to admit, that is exactly how i felt this morning, and also exactly the first thing i thought to say... at 3- frickin - thirty in the morning. right after a crated overnight -- due to bad behavior - Eevee -- woke me up BARKING. Ugh. i was already in a not so perfect mood.

THEN... i walk in the kitchen to make coffee. BUT -- what do my horrified eyes find??? YEP, you guessed it.... about two cups of yesterdays coffee in the pot , and an empty -- yes, EMPTY... coffee container on the counter. OMG this just couldn't be happening. but -- it was. at 330 a.m. on a sunday. i nuked me a cuppa, and slowly walked into my office.... well, is there any other way to walk in the morning? especially when ya never know what kind of treat one of the three uncrated animals may have left for me?? ugh. so. you're wonderin if i found anything horrifying, aintchya? haha--- of course, i DID !!!!
and this is when i turned into Gran Gran !!! -- oh so sorry. i mean.. Carries mother -- :))
remember my chairs i mentioned a few days ago? the new/ yet used ones i bought for my office? ugh. just in the matter of days since my sis was here, they look ten times worse. seriously. and she can vouch for me. they look really good-- if you can avert your eyes from where the cats attack them -- the fronts of the arms -- when no one is around to kill them.... i mean discipline them. so anyhow-- i go in there to what i thought, wake up a little , have some coffee, and a cig etc.... i see the ripped up chairs... both cats curled up on one like they own it. can we say "Queen Earlene?" i nearly went into a "can't have nuthin!" -- rage. i threw the cats off one by one and scolded them like they new what i was saying! -- i really am losin it folks.

but seriously--- i AM gonna laugh at them when their nails are completely GONE-- forever and always!!! especially as i watch their confused little faces as they attempt to rip up my walls, and my furniture--- and nuthin happens.
i wonder sometimes if they are really evil and do it cuz they know how much i hate it. i have spent hundreds of dollars on stuff they are allowed to scratch on-- they won't touch it. stuff that i pay for that I am supposed to enjoy? oh no... they love to tear that up. til there's nothing left. oooooh.... i was soooo pissed off.... i just may have to crate the cat's for one more week til they have their nails done. seriously. these chairs won't be worth keeping if i don't do something ... SOON. i just don't get it.
they just hate me.

anyhow-- i'm done with my rant--- well, that one. another may crop up later-- ya never know. right?

so anyhow-- the tourney yesterday--- no luck. we did catch fish-- just didn't win. the deal was, big fish, and little fish... then the top 7 got prizes..... well... i got one fish-- he didn't even squeek by as legal (14 inches) -- as for soulman... he actually caught a LOT of fish. he had maybe 4 in the livewell.. two sqeekers for 'big fish' haha. and two spots for smallest. by the end of the tourney-- you know i was toast. he wasn't far behind. the day itself was finally a nice day. it's been raining for a week straight-- no kidding. finally no rain.. we appreciated that-- and i was just happy to be outside-- and not driving. ugh.
anyhow-- we ran by someone hubby knew-- he said he had one that was about 4 1/2 pounds--- we knew we were no where close to that-- we'd be lucky if our biggest weighed ONE pound. hah. so at the time to head to weigh in we hadn't got anything bigger-- or smaller--- so we just let the fish go-- and we didn't even bother to go to weigh in. we just loaded up and headed home.
turns out the winner took it with an eight pounder--- THAT my friends is a BIG fish. i have yet to catch one that size. still a mere dream in my foggy mind.

we got food on the way home-- and i was the lazy slob that i had been longing to be-- for the whole rest of the night. ahhhhh.
not that it worked out well... but it worked. i plan to remain vertical, at least somewhat so , today. tomorrow..... ugh.... tomorrow.

i'll keep you posted on that. k.

hope y'all have a happy sunday----

as usual, i forgot about the photo challenge-
but= at least this time i did take the pix...
the subject?
MY favorite-- and YOURS
FOOD !!!!!!

(sorry but ya have to click on em)

(even I couldn't eat an 8 pound steak!
i might wanna try sometime :))

(whoever identifies THIS -
gets a mystery prize !
really-- give it a whirl. :))

sorry-- this is a re-run
but it was YUMMY
chile verde stew

and ass but not least
umm, you know what i mean :))
that's a mounted dear ass!
jerky anyone??

Bon' Apetite'