Wednesday, April 2, 2008

it's cuz i am ME !!!

mornin peeps--

the photos you are about to view are real:
they are not hijacked, or taken from google images:
these are pics of my house -
well, various components, of my house i should say-

this is my living room ceiling:
see the big stain?
well, the other day it was like 85 degrees here,
so we ran the A/C for the first time, since moving into this house.

(some of y'all may remember me bitchin about my heater
not working-- and also the 200 year old repair man
that was sent out TWICE, to fix it?)

well,THIS is the result of his detailed troubleshooting.
both times he came out- he said there was a leak- and shot some freon in it.
(mind you; the man had been in the attic twice by now)

SO - after running the A/C all day- i notice the ceiling.
well... i go into the attic (where the unit is---why it is UP there is beyond me)
immediately, i notice water leaking under the a/c unit.
i take a closer look--
what do i see?


the condensation drain for the a/c--
it is "busted"-- and not just there but about a six inch section behind it.

so tell me-- an a/c guy had been up there TWICE-- and missed that?
i saw it right away.
i guess 200 year old men don't see well?

also when i was up there-- i kept hearing "something"
but to ease my creepy "i'm in a dark attic" feeling-
i blew it off to my wild imagination.

so, the next day-- we call the home-owner.
we tell her - your guy is NOT doing a good job-
we remembered a guy who replaced our unit several years ago-
and recommended him.
SO, he came out yesterday-

i showed him the pipe--
and he replaced it-
but not before pointing out the fact--
it wasn't "rotted" like I thought---
BUT "something" has been chewing on it !!!!
"something" or many "somethings" are in my attic!
and they are THIRSTY!


that is the section of pipe that he replaced-
WTH is IN my attic???
not only are they thirsty-
but they are HUGE!
i have never seen anything like that in my life-
and i was an exterminator for a year once.

they ATE my PIPE !

luckily, i remember how to kill rats-mice etc..
and soulman will get the stuff we need to do that this afternoon.
if it is mice or rats-- it will be easy-
if it's a raccoon ? or a opossum ?
i have NO idea of what to do or how to get it OUT!!

so anyhow-- yep-- as for the "rats" and the ceiling--
we can take care of that for next to nuthin....
little paint..little poison.. etc...

there really is a freon leak too--
which means the coil needs replaced.
the landlady is in SHOCK!
the estimate is $1, 750.00 !!!
on top of what she already has paid, and the 100.00 for yesterday.

now i am not sure of her financial condition...
but i am assuming that NOBODY has 1,750.00 just sittin around.

luckily, yesterday and today are cooler days..
but the weekend we sat and sweltered in here...
and soon the 80 + degree weather will be back.

WTH are we gonna do if she can't afford to fix the air??

well... here;s a thought-
hubby already said - to me--
"i refuse to live in a hot house-- we'll MOVE."

OMG..... someone help me.
he would too-- our deposit and one month rent would be enough to move--
but y'all know me--
if i have to move again...
ALL i'm takin is my furniture, appliances, and clothes!
the rest can go to charity!
i am sooo done haulin shit around!!

(Don't cross me Bitch!)

stay cool peoples!
happy humpday!