Sunday, February 21, 2010

so. what's goinin on in your world today?

howdy folks-
what IS goinin on in your world today?

whole lotsa nuthin in mine. just in case you were wonderin.

i have cramps, and i been on my ass since i woke up -- at a very late - for me - 9 a.m.

i smoked cigs and drank coffee whilst i watched the boob-tube ...

a recorded episode of 'the closer'
i love that show.

after that, i cruised around facepuke for a while. yeh that's right. i said that. but i had to get my account back to watch soulman make his trip to florida when he went to get the boat. he posted pix, and kinda did a little diary type thing on his travels. so i didn't wanna miss out on that. so call me guilty of dissin facebook and crawlin back to it.
anyhow--- while i was there--- i saw a post there by my elsdest nephew--
if anyone is in or near jax florida -- or knows of anyone-- a stray and literally starving to death -- pit bull, came into his yard. my nephew is unable to keep the dog or i know he would. he was raised with two pet pit bulls and he knows that can make good pets if they are treated with respect.
so the deal is- he doesn't want to take the dog to the shelter- in fear they would euthanize him merely because of his breed.

so-- take a look-- and if you can-- try to find him a home?


that is just SAD.
poor fella.

well folks-- just as i was gettin comfy-- the soulkid is texting like a mad-woman . she is in need of a ride home. soulman has taken the boat out on it's first test run after the engine install he and a friend did yesterday-- which was gonna be the next pix i was about to put up-- but alas... that part has to wait til i return.

when soulkid speaks-- people listen :))

eegads .

i will be back in a while.

ta ta for now my friends-

ok, so i'm back.
did ya miss me?"
apparently that would be a no, cuz it looks like no one's been by yet.
since i left anyhow- well, noone talked to me at least - so i assume that no one's been by. so anyhow. yes i have returned. somewhat unscathed. visibly so, at least.

anyhow- let's forge on, shall we?

how bout we start sunday, part deux with the new boat?
sound ok to you?
well, you don't really have a choice do you?
i wish you did, cuz i'll write about anything ya want- if you could interject at this point and make a suggestion.
unfortunately-- you cannot.

altho , there is always the comment box--
suggest away.
i could always use a writing prompt or two :))

ok-- mooovin on-
the boat-

there she is --
motor install - complete :))

there she is today -
preparing for first launch.
i kinda hate that i missed the maiden voyage.

but there is always next time.
such a pretty boat.
dontchya think?

so. anyhow-- next on the list?
saturday-- nope-- make that friday night--
we went to the movies and watched a movie i had been anxious to see for quite a while. hey - don't blame me, but i do have an interest in crazy people movies. not killer people movies--just mental people movies. and this one was pretty good.

soulman said he had it figured out pretty early on.. i didn't. so -- i think it wasn't as 'early on' as he says. not sayin he didn't figure it out- cuz he does tend to that alot-- along with guessin christmas presents. he's just psycho-- i mean psychic that way. i'm sorry -- bad joke. he's sane as they come. i couldn't resist the opportunity at the little dig tho-- gotta grab an opportunity while ya can right? and face it -- i don't get too many opportunities, at much really. so - well, you know.

so. that's about it for the soul fam happenins of late. i haven't accomplished squat around here lately. the med change is still kickin my ass. that i can't like. bleh. and i am supposed to raise the new med that i think is the one that is makin me so drag ass tired. i even moved that one to bed time- and i still can't find motivation for any damn thing during the day. it's horrible. i am so not looking forward to doubling up on it. "just like prozac" -- my ass it is. more like seroquel if ya ask me. so, yeh. gotta go from 20 mg to 40 mg, real soon. i don't wanna. but--- if you haven't noticed -- it is helping. that and the added 100 mg of topamax , i guess. whatever works right?

so. i reckon that is all i can force out of myself for now-

y'all have happy days in your worlds today -
i'm workin on it-- or maybe it's workin on me
either way-

i aint cryin, and i am fully clothed :))
that's a hell of a place to be in my world-- compared to a week ago :))

bye peeps-