Wednesday, May 14, 2008

it's 10 a.m. do you know where my motivation is?

ugh boy--- look at the time....

i am sooo unmotivated today. it's just embarrassing. this is the first day that i have been totally alone in four days. and the first day in i don't know how many that i haven't had an appointment, or felt like hell. (one of the two).
i have several things that i should be doing.. or could be doing.. or even a few that i MUST be doing. am i ? ummmm NO. i'm not even cleaned up or changed yet. i just may not either. at this point in time, i am quite comfortable. sittin here in total silence. except for the clicking of the keyboard of course. i have been told that i type too loud. i think that may true.. but i don't really care.
so anyhow. yep. i had plans to clean up my sty today. soulman has been off work for a few days. he worked on sunday for a few hours, but aside from that has basically been off since friday. i think he worked four hours sunday. and i haven't been feeling too great for -- i don't know how long. since before i went out of town, i know that much. but today, i feel ok. i should take advantage of it and get caught up on chores and errands.. but on days that i have had a stretch of NOT having alone time.. i just kinda like to not do much. i like the quiet. and the feeling of not feeling like i should be doing something.. or talking or stuff like that. ya know.
so anyhow-- nooop.. not feelin too motivated right now. hopefully i will get that way later though.. with enough time to spare before anyone gets home. i hate it when they know i haven't done anything but sit on my arse all day. :)) (unless i'm sick or in pain.. then they understand... but otherwise-- i feel bad for it)

so anyways---- i got a lot of comments on yesterdays post. what a couple of losers eh? i couldn't believe the guy who caused the wreck didn't even attempt to help the lady in the car. and i do wonder if the woman's hubby went to the hospital. i imagine he had to have--at least to take her home. right? her car wasn't drivable.. and i wonder if he was mad about that.

i was surprised at how fast and bad the air bag bruised her chest. has anyone had that happen? or seen it? she's lucky she wasn't goin faster. at her age she could have been really hurt. i think she was ok though. but she was so upset--she may have been hurt more than she thought. i hope not though. i'm sure her husband isn't one to take very good care of her at home.

anyhow-- i obviously don't have much to talk about today. not a whole lot happenin around here.

all my tv shows are coming to an end-- i don't know what i will do with my evenings after this week. or is it next week? maybe i will have to fish til nightfall now? there is an evening tournament at a nearby lake .. the entry fee isn't very much. soulman and i have talked about entering it together. that would be fun. i think it is from like 6 to 9 or something. i'm not sure of the number of boats--or the payout for winning. but it would be fun to fish together. it's on wed nights i think. i haven't paid much attention to it, cuz it hasn't been much of an option lately cuz of some med issues with me... but like i said, that is seeming to pass lately. i'm glad of that too. i have no idea what it is or was.. but i was pretty worried for a while. not sure if i need to be concerned anymore. but i guess i'll find out in a day or two when the ct results come back.

oh-- if you're wonderin.. my shows i watch.. ?? american idol..survivor..and hells' kitchen...
do any of y'all watch any of them???

survivor just ended.. and the one i wanted to win, did not. :((

american idol, ends tonight--- my fave is david cook-- i do not want him to win.. it is best for him..and his fans if he doesnt get locked into a AI contract-- and gets to move right out like bo bice-and daughtry.. do you agree? i think he is ready--and i think he is awesome! i'm definitely buying his cd-- and i think ai will ruin him, and make him sing a bunch of brady bunch type songs. he's too good for that.

as for david A.. he should win.. he is young, and it would be good for him to win.. he does the ai style better, more ballad type--agree? he's just more what they want i think.
as for that freakin sayesha? i DESPISE her!!! she makes me want to vomit every time i even look at her, much less hear her . ugh. GAG PUKE WRETCH. not to mention, i believe wholeheartedly, that she knows someone on the inside that has pushed her through. i just can't stand her overconfident , non-good-singin self. ERG.

and hells kitchen... i LOVE it, and i will cry when its over. not really. but i will miss it. that show makes me laugh. i wish they didn't edit it. it would be so much more funnier. and why did ramsey stop sayin "donkay" i love that.

welp-- i reckon i'm done rambling...

hope y'all have happy days today--
i spose i'll be lazy til i can't take it anymore. hopefully i'll accomplish at least something productive.