Friday, April 9, 2010

a quick hello from soul-land

hiya peeps- just wanna say hi, and yes we're all still kickin 'round here.
perhaps it's just to stay above water, but yeh. whatever, why-ever. we're kickin.

i'm still gonna have to say the less i say on here - or anywhere online , actually , is the best. for all concerned.

i do miss y'all, i do want to run all over blog-land and visit, it just really isn't 'in me' to do that right now. i don't think it will be for a while to come. i do like to see y'all tho-- so stop in and say hi once in a while if ya like. it does brighten my days. i don't want to feel alone with 'this'. this, being something big . too big to even face at times.

that is all i can really say. maybe it's all i will ever say -- concerning what my little family is going through at this time. please don't feel like i'm keeping something from you. and like i said before-- don't go crazy trying to 'guess'. it's not worth it. we will get through it. eventually, and i will be back to bloggin and runnin around blogland like the crazy woman that i am just like before as soon as things are dealt with here in my little world.

until then, keep prayin -- and don't forget me. us. k?

also add in your prayers that the big-souls can contain the rage within us -- and i can't say any more -- enjoy the tunage -- and watch for me -- when you see me.

love, soul- and the fam-