Tuesday, February 19, 2008

thank God it's Tuesday!

yesterday should have been banned.... or should be for all future years to come.
but, let's just say-- it ended better than it could have--- better than i expected it to. i expected WW-3 here .. but it didn't happen.. and i am happy about that. But-- i still feel a little "heavy" about some things. it'll pass though. it always does. right.

so anyhow-- let's just leave that stuff where it belongs....

we did eat the pigs ass-- or pork butt-- or whatever people want to call it-- and maaaan it was good. we have a ton left too. perhaps i shall make a big ole pot of chili-verde with it. i love that stuff. of course i would have to leave some out for soulkid. she doesn't eat that. but she loved it last night. she had a tough time gettin over the "butt" part of it-- but once i got it through to her that it was a shoulder-- and i wansn't just saying that to make her eat it-- she did love it. hubby out-did himself on that one.
our next venture? a big ole brisket! he is the master brisket smoker man.. he makes the best smoked brisket i have ever eaten.. even from a restaraunt. (i aint correctin it-- that's how i spell it , that's how you get it-- and yes i know it woulda taken less time to correct it-- but i dont care)

sooooo--- anyways.

we have decided to go away for the weekend.. to austin. sort of-- somewhere near there. i'm not even sure where the hell the place is. some time share out there. our time share place called the other day-- talked to soulman... they have been trying to get us to "upgrade".. for like the passed two years.. prolly cuz ours is close to being paid off. they tried to sell us like a damned 20,000.00 friggin time share last time we went. OMG NONONONONO. that was quite the fiasco too--some of you may remember.? anyhow-- we paid very little for ours-- and we have barely used it--and actually sort of regretted getting it anyhow--ever since the day we signed the papers... but that is what this whole thing is about. they want to get us down to one of their better "resorts".. and try to sell us a more expensive "week". it won't happen... but we'll take the free weekend away nonetheless. Lord knows.. i need to get out of here and look at somethin different for a couple days. only thing is-- hours in the car might kill me. that part-- i am NOT lookin forward to. the last couple road trips damn near killed me.

so anyways... that's all i got for now-- i spose i shall cruise a bit-- before it gets hoppin here. :))
and i will try to catch up on my comments from yesterday later.

i hope you all have happy days in your worlds today
i will definitly try-