Thursday, April 12, 2007


hello folks... did you miss me?
i was soo ill yesterday i couldn't stand myself. i had that migraine...which actually went away soon after the imitrex... BUT when i did eventually go back to about 830 a.m , i only slept about an hour and a half or two. no where near what i expected... or needed. so, in turn, what happened? i spent the rest of the day all depressed, and tired... and wouldn't ya know it... at about 6 p.m i got ANOTHER freakin migraine ! this time i took the shot before my head exploded. which was a good move. it went away, and i was able to get some sleep last night. but, this morning.. all three of us are sick ! sore throats, headaches (mines at least not a migraine this morning, nothing an aspirin won't knock out).. runny noses, runny throats, just blechy. and hubby is a pilot instructor.. who has to teach, and talk all day for 8 hours. that will be just great if he loses his voice. he said he had trouble yesterday talking so much. so i'm sure today will be worse.; if he can't talk...he can't teach...if he can't teach...yup you guessed it...he can't work! wonderful. and the daughter... well, she is just positive she's dying ! ugh. and me? well... it doesn't matter if mom's sick.. if the rest of the bunch is sick... y'all know... mom's last on the list for any sympathy OR care. so.. today, i have to try to get my kid to the doc.. before she thinks we don't care that she is sick... because she swears she has pneumonia, and we don't care about that! so... in all of my pain and illness around here... my alter ego is showing "itself".... see below! "my precious".