Friday, January 9, 2009

when good cakes go bad

this is what jamies cake and oven looked like
last night-- only DOUBLE IT !!
(leave it to me, to miss THE kodak moment
of our visit)

well hell. i don't think i even realized that today was my last day here at jamies place -- until i just read her post for today. i do leave for home tomorrow. of course i know i need to go home and get back to reality... and unfortunately -- responsibility, and obligation... such a joy.

why can't i be peter pan?

we have had fun here. through snow, cold, and even each of us having a pain day or two... it will be a bit tough to leave here . i'm sure it is time to go though. i'd never want to overstay my welcome. but it has been a good time here. we've laughed, and we've cried, and i've actually walked in the freezin cold friggin snow and wind, and temps that no one else would have ever succeed in forcing me into. -- not a long distance-- but trust me-- walking out the front door in this stuff is far enough for me.

last night i met her kids-- they are just as great as she has always told me. i already felt like i know them all, and apparently them , me. jamie has told them about me and me about them forever... so we were all pretty comfortable when we met and they came for dinner.

actually, her youngest was kinda sick and didn't make it, but i had met him once before. and like i said, even then it was as if i had already known him. i just feel like i fit in this family somewhere.. i'm just not quite sure what the role is-- an aunt? perhaps. but it was nice to meet the kids.. they aren't kids-- they are on their own.. but i'm old and they're kids to me. anyhow, no one was uncomfortable or shy-- it was comfortable , conversation was smooth, jamie made a delicious dinner-- refusing to let me help at all :(( -- i'll tell ya , there have been times at my own relatives homes that i have been more uncomfortable. so all was --- is --well.
she mentioned blowing up a cake in her oven last night. that was pretty funny. something i can't say that i have seen happen before. but just that it happened ... not long after she had said it was a easy recipe that could never be screwed up-- made it all the more funny.
right here is where i would cut and paste the photos and commentary... but for some reason.. her laptop will not let me cut and paste pix.
but it was similar to those pix-- only much much worse. there were two round chocolate cake pans, which had both exploded-- at least twice as high as the one pictured above; leaving two or three times the mess in the bottom of the oven.
again-- i offered to clean it up-- she refused-- and she did it herself.
one of these times -- i'm just gonna have to knock her out and do some work around here.. i'm runnin out of time though.
looks like it's about time for us to go freeze to death again., oh , i mean, go to her old town and check up on some stuff. at least that's what i think we are doin.
gypsy--- now it's really thelma and louise style :))
but it's too F'N cold for a convertible dammit.
aside from the 12 degree HIGH temp , and predicted ice storm-
you know i love it.
happy days to you all-